The past few weeks have been a time of major transition in my world.

I’ve gone from being an integrative nutrition student to the beginnings of a holistic health practice (my joy!).

Our youngest daughter has wrapped up all of her schoolwork for this school year and I am officially out of the middle school business forever (hallelujah!).

And, after a blowup of epic proportions, my son has permanently moved out of our house and to his fathers.

As he and his step mom picked up his things today (two weeks after he left), I realized that this should have happened much earlier. He wanted to move a long time ago and would have been happier and the positive shift in our home is palpable. This is what was supposed to be.

Still, the stress of the blowup and getting him moved and having our home in disarray has not been kind to my body and I will be spending the weekend trying to put out a nasty flare. That was to be expected.

After I hopefully have this contained and my pain under control, the girls and I have some fabulous simple summer plans:

  • We have found some amazing free summer activities around town, like an art class for Laura that she is really excited about.
  • I am leading my first 3 Month Group Coaching Session – and I am super stoked about it. I have several other things in the works at Leilani that I can’t wait to share as well.
  • Sara and I are working on learning a language and starting a super nifty cooking project also.
  • We are all starting a swimming for exercise program.
  • My book. My book. My book.
  • We are going to binge Gilmore Girls because. . . Summer.
  • We are just going to have a happy Summer and enjoy each other.

Happy Friday, y’all! Have a super safe and fun holiday weekend!

Grace and blessings.


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  1. I wish you all the best with this transition and I hope your flare gets under control. It is amazing how much stress impacts our health. Take care, get plenty of rest and I hope your summer with your children is great!


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