tales from that sahm life.

Y’all, I’m going crazy. Only a little, I think, but crazy none the less.

See, as you all know, I no longer am able to work outside of our home, and that has been a major adjustment, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

However, I have been able to be useful in some ways at home as both of our daughters are home with me. Our youngest, Sara, needed to begin homeschooling due to some health challenges so it was a blessing that we were able to work that out. Our oldest, Laura, is also home right now and we are working on some things for her as well. And, of course, they are getting to spend some quality time together these days. 😉

Where Sara and I have similar personalities so we can do things together but also enjoy our alone time, Laura is 100 percent extrovert. She wants company all the time. As a result, I hear, “Mom. Mom. Mom. . .” every waking moment. I JUST told her I HAD to have some quiet at 2:45 AM – only to hear “Mom” again at 2:55. Then we had a “Go. To. BED!” moment. Serenity now!!!

I’m going a lil’ crazy, y’all.

When I take a nap and get up to go to the bathroom, the toilet flushing is actually – seriously – the cue to come to my door and say “Mom.” #fixitjesus

I love her dearly and I love spending time with her. It’s not that. It’s just that I require some solitude to recharge as well. In fact, if I can have my time, I actually get to enjoy our group time together. Without my time, well. . .

Additionally, contrary to popular belief, I have actual work to do for my health coaching practice and writing to do as well for my book, my blog, and some pieces I am working on for other places.

Soooo. . . before I drop my basket completely, I have come up with a plan. My little extroverted extrovert (EE) needs some boundaries – and I need some peace. My solution? Office hours.

My office is across the hall from our bedroom and has a tunnel where Henry the Wonderpup can run back and forth as he pleases. So he and I will be keeping actual office hours – where we are not to be disturbed unless someone is on fire – each day.

Yes, my little EE will be ready to explode.

Yes, she will hate it.

Yes, she will say “Mom is cray.”

But. . .

Mom won’t be cray – and that is a good thing.

And Mom will be getting her work done.

And Mom will be much less stressed.

And that’s not all.

While I’m handing out bad news for offspring, the EE is a bit challenged in the housework department and we are going to remedy that this week as “Mom, Mom, Mom” has some major physical problems and so does Sara and we are both doing all we can do.

Oh, the meany head is on the loose. . .

This will be better than my other plan though:

mom 2


So, that’s all for today’s tales from the SAHM trenches.

Be well and Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Grace and Blessings.

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