words – and walls – matter.

On Friday, after the Bizarro World Rose Garden press conference, I was ready to sit down and write a full, holy shit, let me tell y’all post. And then I gathered my horses, and determined that everyone knows where I stand on this anyway, and that I was NOT going to be kind if I started telling all the things, and so I moved on to research – reading articles and watching documentaries – for something I’m working on that is really important to me, which happens to be time sensitive for next week.

But this one just won’t leave me be.


Because sometimes, when something is looming large in your mind, it’s not going away until you speak your truth.

And do I ever have a lot of personal truth to tell about this wall. . .

And then, today, this story popped up related to my home state, Alabama, from Huffington Post:


If you take a moment to read to the article, you’ll see that the editor of the Democrat-Reporter in Linden, Alabama has suggested that the Ku Klux Klan march to Washington D.C. and hang people. I am so terribly horribly sadly serious.

And I DO believe, in a broad sense, that these things are related.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am a native Alabamian. I’m quite sure that the hillbilly idiot in Linden has been a hillbilly idiot for probably close to twice my lifetime – BUT this new boldness is something else. . .

And I’m even going to leave all the Presidential overreach alone for now. If you can’t already tell, I’m a card carrying member of the ACLU, the lawsuits are already in process, and we’ll see him in court.

The broader issue is the absolute hate this has revealed.

See, the wall won’t accomplish any actual goals.

The wall will not lower our crime rate. Immigrants are not the cause of our crime and gun issue. They actually commit crimes at a much lower rate than natural born citizens.

The wall will not address our drug problems either. 90% of drugs are coming through at legal ports of entry.

The wall also won’t prevent any likely terrorist violence – as there have been no terrorist activities related to the southern border nor have our intelligence agencies identified any concerns.

The people presenting to enter the United States at the southern border are either seeing to escape food and water shortages or seeking better living conditions or trying to escape violence in their countries of origin.

And Trump policies are now letting 15-20 people in per day, while essentially leaving the others in overcrowded tent cities and conditions that are just disgusting and shameful. This from the United States of America.

What I personally am finding, in a search through my social media, is that many of the wall supporters are reported Christian people, who would spread the love of Jesus on this side of the border and build a structure and cage and push away the suffering on the other side of it.


Religious arguments of any kind are off the table with me on this one.

The Evangelical crowd has also proven to be the Trump/Wall crowd and I can’t reconcile that in my mind and heart to save my life.

This is NOTHING but racism, xenophobia, hate.

And as our culture has come to tolerate this – since our most recent election – with a President who embodies hate, we are seeing people more freely spew it wherever they please.

Hence, the Lindon, Alabama op-ed on the KKK needing to ride to Washington.

Hate is insidious and spreads like leprosy.

Words matter. So do walls.

And when the wealthiest country in the world is spending billions to wall out the hungry and hurting? And, beyond that, essentially imprisoning children and now stating that reuniting families may not be possible? While leaving other families without basic essentials, begging for relief, in tents?

Something is sick and sad and terribly wrong.

So I’ll only be hearing moral arguments now – right and wrong. Will we help our fellow humans or not? Are we going to do what we KNOW is the right thing?

I certainly hope so.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


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