Just NO, General Conference.

*This post has been worked on and rewritten and completely trashed and restarted a few times since last week. This. Vote. Is. Just. Awful. Finally, I’ve decided to publish this simple version and leave it be – because I have to say something. I am heartsick over this.


After years of having hoped better of the United Methodist Church, it delivered a soul crushing blow to many many people, myself included, last week:


As I’m sure most of you have heard, at the UMC Convention last week, a vote was taken and it was agreed that same sex marriages would be banned and that ministers who are part of the LGBTQ community will not be welcomed. Steep “penalties” will be imposed for those performing weddings for same sex couples as well.

It is terribly ugly.

And my heart is just broken.

So, first, I want to share this link from John Pavlovitz as to why this whole “debate” about the place of the LGBTQ community in the church shouldn’t be happening in the first place and I would ask that everyone take a few minutes to read and understand it:


If you don’t read it, to summarize, it begins with:

And it ends with:



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