let’s talk some simple (but important) tree-hugging ;)

So your friendly neighborhood hippie writer is in the midst of a big HEAVY-type project – and tonight I just needed the night off from working on it.

It’s been all rainy and stormy in my part of the world, so we are cozy inside, drinking tea and watching documentaries.

a cozy Saturday night in the Hippie Hut. ❤

I love, love, love my little tea station in my bedroom. ❤

Two documentaries in. . . my favorite tea is gone. . . gahhhh! Target is happening tomorrow! =O

I love geeking out to documentaries! ❤

As I’ve been geeking out, I was thinking that tonight would be a great night to talk to everyone about something that’s really been on my heart as the climate change reports are SO alarming as are the reports of ocean pollution and we are truly truly in trouble.

I want to talk a bit about the small things we can all do to simplify, reduce, and be more eco-friendly in our daily lives.

Sara and I are working on incorporating them into our habits – it’s definitely a process – and cleaning out things we don’t use as well.

Last night, she helped me clean out my closets and prepare the things I no longer need  – like shoes and bags that are no longer practical with my health issues – to either be donated or taken to consignment.

We plan to work through the house, section by section.

There are many simple things we can all be doing now:

  • Change your food storage containers from plastic to glass. Of course, continue to use what you already have, but, as it wears out, replace it with glass, which is much more eco-friendly – and better for you as well.
  • In fact, avoid using plastic whenever possible.
  • Carry a reusable water bottle with you. This will both reduce your use of plastic water bottles and support your health in amazing ways.
  • Thrift and buy secondhand whenever you can. Reusing and re-purposing is a fantastic way to be eco-friendly.
  • As you clean out and simplify, do your best to consign and/or donate most items so they are reused.
  • Use cloth napkins and handkerchiefs at home instead of disposable products.
  • Take reusable bags with you to stores.

And, finally, straws. . .

If you use straws (we do), please buy and use reusable metal or glass straws. Plastic straws are a major cause of ocean pollution and this is so preventable.


There are so many other issues – and so many other big steps, of course – but I just wanted to mention some really simple changes we can all make right now.

On the list of big things to write is the scary piece about the size and scope of this problem – it is truly overwhelming – but, for now, let’s just all do our best to be part of the solution in some small way every day.

The future – the near future – really does depend on it.


Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.


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