Gov’nor Ivey, be honest. This is NOT about the babies.

As one of that rarest of endangered species, a liberal (very liberal) Alabamian, I’ve been watching the cards falls, sick to my stomach, over the past several days.

Honestly, this new law, HB 314, is being written about so extensively nationally that I was resolved not to write about it here – but it won’t leave me alone. It even actually haunted my dreams last night.

Clearly, this is no time for me to be silent.

So, let’s talk.

First, let’s just acknowledge what has already been reported and commented on many times:

The portion of the Alabama Senate that passed this abominable law was 25 Republican white men. Is anyone surprised? Really?

What I want to talk about right now is the latter part of this article and really the national face of this debacle: our good Gov’nor, Kay Ivey. and her tremendous concern for the babies, for life, for those innocents she says.


To begin, let’s acknowledge that this barbaric law makes no exception for victims of rape and incest, many of whom are children. What about the psychological trauma to those victims for political points, Gov’nor?

Beyond that stomach turning point, let’s get to the bigger picture with Gov’nor Ivey – and her concern for the babies.

Yesterday, prior to signing the bill, she stated, regarding the cost of the legal battle – expected to be millions – she and her fellow Republicans are chomping at the bit for with this law (that IS the point of it, after all): “You certainly cannot deter your efforts to protect the unborn because of cost, even if it means going to the United States Supreme Court.”

Really, Gov’nor? Millions for this law to protect the unborn – but, when they arrive six months or so later, where is your concern then?

Then, once born, that baby you were so concerned for is being born into a state that is now:

  • 50th in education.
  • 46th in health care.
  • 45th in crime and corrections.
  • 45th in opportunity.
  • Facing a 26.6% child poverty rate.
  • Facing the 6th highest child obesity rate in the nation.
  • Had 22,067 reports of child abuse in 2015.

So perhaps your concern for the babies isn’t as great as we thought? For if it was, you would be working for the suffering infants and children of your state whose quality of life is deplorable.

THAT is where millions would be flowing.

Perhaps it has more to do with Trump’s judicial appointments and jumping on the bandwagon?

Perhaps it also has to do with reelection, always close to your mind I’m sure, even though you’ve just started your first full-term as Gov’nor.

You became Gov’nor by a stroke of luck really. No one saw the wheels coming off of Bentley like they did. And you were determined to hang on by whatever means necessary.

Refusing repeatedly to debate your Democratic challenger in the gubernatorial race. Declining press questions. Allegedly covering up mini-strokes in Colorado Springs and bullying a State Trooper for not lying about them. You know, just being a politician. . .

And, now, you know that pushing this will absolutely keep you there – even when you spend a fortune – taking even more from the education system and living children of this broke state. It’s sad but true.

It’s politics at its very worst.

But I’m used to that, for better or worse.

I can get my head around you being the Trump politician, playing the game here.

Just don’t pretend you are the saint in this situation, protecting the innocents.

You most certainly are not.




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