standing up and saying, “hell no!”

Today’s originally planned post – about health and doctor news and spoonie stuff – can wait.

There is too much to talk about right now that cannot be put on hold, some of it from Twitter, some of it in the news, the worst of it wreaking havoc and terror on the lives on innocent people as I write.

There is a time for softness and I try to be gentle – but today I will NOT mince words as I speak to acts of pure evil.

More Threats of ICE Terror

First, there have been the threats, again, of massive ICE raids this weekend, and, though they didn’t come to fruition, fear hung over areas that are typically filled with immigrant families and they remained locked in their homes.

The tiny pathetic man and his fear-mongering directed at the least of these is beyond contemptible. . .

I join with many other voices in calling for the abolishment of ICE immediately. These are terrifying times I never imagined we would see and this MUST stop. We lose more of the best of America every day that it continues.

And Then There’s Pence & The Evangelicals.

This after his evangelical so-called Christian Vice-President made a visit to one of the Trump/Pence “detainment camps” on the border earlier this week – and lied about what he found there. Or perhaps he really does think Jesus would cage people, deny them soap and showers and climate control in sweltering heat and proper medical care, have them sleep on concrete floors, and give them inadequate amounts of food? His overwhelming compassion for these people came through in the photographs from the day.

I’m just going to simply say now that I am MORE than familiar with this level of son of a bitch ideologue and this is NOT OF JESUS. Lord, forgive us for abiding this ungodliness.

I am so ANGRY that this has come so damn far – and even more sickened that it has been pushed by an evangelical agenda.

The statistics cited in this article are from a non-biased source, the Pew Resource Center, and they found that only 25% of evangelicals felt that the US has a moral imperative to accept refugees and immigrants. WOW. Just WOW.

So, I’m not sure which Jesus they are following but I am going share with you Jen Hatmaker’s tweet from Sunday morning because it perfectly captures my feelings on the subject:

And, Finally, A Racist President Tweeting What He Really Thinks.

Yesterday, Trump finally let loose and let his racist beliefs fly, as I’m sure most of you already have read, when he decided to tweet this:

Normally, I would never repost anything from this man – but I believe the original “documents,” if you will, need to be seen and recorded.

As someone commented on Twitter, the fact that people of color are still being told to “go back where they came from” is proof that racism is alive and well. It just doesn’t bother with the white hood anymore.

That it is coming from the Oval Office is earth-shattering to me.

That those who would call themselves Christians are continuing to support him is even more so.

It’s all just VILE.

It it important also to share the responses of the four Congresswomen he directly attacked.

Congresswoman Omar:

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez:

Congresswoman Tlaib:

Congresswoman Pressley:

I would also share the response of Speaker Pelosi, who Trump DARED to suggest would be complicit in his racism:

And, finally, I will share this, to remind everyone that this racist behavior from Trump is nothing new – though we all really have known this, it’s just that Trump’s base either agrees or doesn’t care:

Now, today, we are seeing the whole of the GOP in Congress failing to speak out this racist tirade. Of course they won’t. They will be complicit in this, as they are also complicit in the camps.

And his evangelical followers seem to be just fine with it as well. All in a day’s work I suppose.


In 1935, Sinclair Lewis said, “When fascism comes to America, it was be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” Was he ever correct.

And, if you are a Christian – or a good human – hearing threats of ICE raids and seeing people caged by the US government and reading a president’s racist tirades, saying nothing, what the hell are you doing?

This is not okay.

This is disgusting.

This cannot continue.

It is time to say, “Hell, NO!”

Please speak up and be heard.

The time is NOW.

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