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Very much on my heart during this time of crisis and great need is finding ways to help as much as possible while we are also all faced with difficulties.

Here, I want to offer some suggestions of organizations that are helping those in crisis as well as some ways to consider helping out in our daily lives when we are able.

Child Hunger

Shamefully, there is ALWAYS a problem with children in this country facing food insecurity – and some are dealing with outright hunger.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the crisis has exploded. Parents losing jobs, children that are reliant on school meals for their food often aren’t in school, and even food banks don’t have enough to go around.

One organization that is working to help this crisis is No Kid Hungry. Perhaps you’ve heard Jeff Bridges speak on their behalf or seen them mentioned on Food Network. They have a great rating with Charity Navigator and are doing some excellent work.

ANY amount helps and if you are considering a charitable donation, this organization is a great choice.

Child Sponsorship

Another suggestion is to consider sponsoring a child through World Vision.

Our family has sponsored Denisa Pamela in Romania since 2015 and it has been such a joy. I pray that our small contribution is helpful to her and her family – and I hope my correspondence and small gifts over the years remind her that she is prayed for and loved from afar as she grows.World Vision has a perfect four star Charity Navigator score and makes such a positive impact in the communities where they are present.

Unfortunately, there is something with their link that is causing an issue when I try to copy it here – but if you just search World Vision, it will pop right up.

Local Churches

In each community, churches often provide much of the support for families in need and I am so grateful that our church family is devoted to our community and assisting in every possible way.

I strongly encourage everyone, as you consider how to help others during this time, both to remember that churches are struggling as well at times to have enough resources to meet the overwhelming need we are seeing right now – and also to be certain that whatever denomination – or non-denominational – church you attend, it has a heart of service.

Our doors – and hearts should always be flung wide open, but especially now.

Buying Products That Give Back

We all know that some products that “give back” are just scam-y – but some truly aren’t. When they are legit, buying these when we were going to make a purchase anyway is a great way to help out if we all are mindful and participate.

A few suggestions:

  • No Kid Hungry (linked above) has a tab on their site of companies that partner with them. I noticed 1-800-FLOWERS and Milo’s Hamburgers Sauce among products our family uses.
  • If you use Amazon Prime, please set up Amazon Smile if you haven’t. If you aren’t familiar with it, it costs you nothing and a small percentage of each purchase you make is donated to a charity of your choice. Our family donates to Katie Davis’ Amazima, another organization near and dear to my heart.
  • All Newman’s Own products give 100% of their profits to charity so that is something to consider when making decisions at the grocery store.
  • A cool gift idea I’ve recently seen is a Causebox subscription. Quarterly, the recipient gets a box of socially conscious goodies:
  • There are always the great companies like FEED and Love Your Melon to consider for gifts and purchases when you need things as well.

Just do your research and try to keep these things in mind as you shop.


Fueling The Writer. (not charitable giving related)

This isn’t at all related to our charitable giving. It just doesn’t have another home on a page. 🙂

I recently received an email about monetizing my blog and writers who take “donations” for their work – in amounts that made me physically itchy.

Of course, I also believe and hope with all of my heart that my work brings value to everyone who reads it.

However, I want all of my readers to know how much I value YOU – and that, like those wedding invitations that say, “the honor of your presence is enough,” you hanging out with me and enjoying my words IS always enough.

So, after much thought, I have decided that, as a writer, soon to be full time college student again, and chai addict, this is what I am comfortable with. . .

For anyone who would like to contribute to my blog, I am happy to accept Writer Fuel in three denominations: $2.50 covers a Starbucks GF Marshmallow Dream Bar, $4.25 covers an S-Bux Grande Coconut Chai Latte, and – the Grand Puba – $6.75 covers a super snack combo of the two. ❤


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Most importantly, I so appreciate your being here and reading along! I’m so grateful for you!

Grace and Blessings.