I’m a wife and mom – to humans and also fur babies. a writer. an avid reader. a passionate traveler, a lover of all things art and music – especially musical theatre, a disabled nurse, and a student once more at Mississippi State. Hail State!

Acts 17:28 ā¤

Hi! I’m Miranda Herring, the Autoimmune Hippie.

When I had to stop working as a nurse in 2017 due to my severe autoimmune disease, I was completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do at the time.

While my autoimmune disease has since definitely worsened, I have been fortunate to not only finish a program in holistic nutrition and now to return to Mississippi State to continue more of my education, I have also been able to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

I have published my first book and am working on my second and also write here almost daily.

I’m so happy you came to visit. šŸ™‚

Welcome to my little blog. I am so so happy you’re here!