I’m a follower of Jesus, a proud wife and mom – to humans and also fur babies. a writer. an avid reader. a passionate traveler, a lover of all things art and music – especially musical theatre, a disabled nurse, and a college student once more (happily) at Mississippi State. Hail State!


Hi! I’m Miranda Herring, the Autoimmune Hippie.

When I had to stop working as a nurse in 2017 due to my severe autoimmune disease, I was completely overwhelmed and unsure of what to do at the time.

While my autoimmune disease has since definitely worsened, I have been blessed to not only finish a program in holistic nutrition and now to return to Mississippi State to continue more of my education, I have also been able to work towards my lifelong dream of being a writer.

I’ve been able to really settle in here as well as having published several pieces. I’m also writing my first book.

It’s just shown me that God can even use the worst circumstances to give us His very best.

I am so grateful.

This was the first collaborative book that I was fortunate to have a piece published in 2019.

Oh my heart.

Welcome to the Dancing Through Life blog. I am so so happy you’re here!

The grass withers and the flowers fade but the word of the Lord stands forever. – Isaiah 40:8 ❤