so grateful.

I have to be honest and say that my Thanksgiving started as I told my family probably not as the sickest I've ever BEEN - but certainly as the sickest I've ever FELT if that makes any sense. After several days of progressive nausea and illness trying to finish up an antibiotic (one of the... Continue Reading →

counting to 1000.

I've written in the past about how much I love Ann Voskamp's work. I find her writing just beautiful and her books and blog posts speak to me in so many ways. Her first book, released ten years ago, One Thousand Gifts, focuses on eucharesteo - the greek word for thanksgiving, whose roots are thanksgiving,... Continue Reading →

the last (wo)man standing.

Gonna choose sunlight Gonna drink wine Bound to win a few fights, before my time Gonna make love now Ain't the future bright Gonna be the last man standing tonight. . . Gonna make a difference Gonna speak my mind Even when my nerve fails Even in the dark times Gonna count the blessings Celebrate... Continue Reading →

bringing back shelter.

They're crowded into the smallest spaces While outside all of nature cries It's known to be cruel and unfair But there is no place to hide Oh I've seen a part of people that I never Really want to share Oh I've seen a part of people that I never Knew was there Shelter give... Continue Reading →

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