sick season is here.

I woke up to the plague yesterday morning. It's "just a cold" to a normal human - but I'm not a normal human anymore. I'm immunosuppressed due to a combination of RA meds. So I feel like I have the most terrible case of the flu I've ever had in my life - though it's... Continue Reading →

my big sick.

I know that I'm sick. So does my family. So do my friends. So do all of you. I write about it. I take steps to deal with it. I've had to give up my work because of it. I'm having to regrow my hair due to it. However, in the past two years  it... Continue Reading →


I have a "heavier thing" weighing on my mind to get to today. But, first, let's talk about yesterday and today in Paleo/RA for a minute. I say both days because I actually started this post last night and wrote a large part of it before closing my eyes to rest at about 4 AM... Continue Reading →

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