back from the latest round.

The thing about chronic illness is that I truly never know what's coming - and I never know what will be the thing that will just lay me out. I've been MIA because of an ailment that started with a resistant sinus infection. While unpleasant, I've had chronic sinusitis literally my entire life and I... Continue Reading →

geeking out on some last words.

As most of my readers know, I am writing a book about death - the dying process, coping with it, grief, those types of things. As a part of that, I do plenty of reading and research - and I've been working on something that has been really fun and interesting. Well, fun and interesting to... Continue Reading →

oh, how we will miss you, RBG.

My word, what a day. Many people will be writing about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the coming days - often with more information and insight than I have, I'm sure. . . but I cannot imagine talking about anything else right now. Since the breaking news appeared on my phone, I have been sitting,... Continue Reading →

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