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writer. holistic nutritionist. disabled nurse. wife. kid & fur mom. Follower of Jesus. Spirit Junkie.

the inflammation station.

First, let me make mention that yesterday, February 2, was World Rheumatoid Awareness Day. RA is the original beast in my world, having brought with it the disability and the broken feets and the CRPS and all the other mean and nasty stuff. By itself, though, RA is more than enough. . . This past…

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so, Mat Staver, who would Jesus lynch?

It came to my attention recently that a group called The Liberty Council – associated with Liberty University – has objected to the passage in The Senate of the Anti-Lynching bill, The Justice for Victims of Lynching Act. As the article states, the bill applies to lynchings motivated by “the victim’s actual or perceived…

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sober thursday.

This wasn’t today’s original post. Today was already mostly ready and planned out. But sometimes the message keeps coming through that there is something else more pressing I need to write about  (more on that in a bit) – so I will. This was my Monday. I know I always say I am grateful –…

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