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writer. holistic nutritionist. disabled nurse. wife. kid & fur mom. Follower of Jesus. Spirit Junkie.

opening our eyes to the big, hungry picture – because sometimes our privilege is blinding.

Late last night, or early this morning really, my daughter and I were sitting up, having the best time. She was on her phone, checking out e-books from the library and telling me all about them. I was looking through articles I have been behind on and getting caught up on my subscriptions and telling…

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stardust we are.

On Ash Wednesday, we remember our impermanence. Ashes are imposed on our foreheads, both as a reminder of our mortality and a sign of penitence, as our priest (or pastor) says, “remember you are dust and to dust you will return.” It’s always a somber – but beautiful – service. And all good Catholics, Episcopalians,…

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Just NO, General Conference.

*This post has been worked on and rewritten and completely trashed and restarted a few times since last week. This. Vote. Is. Just. Awful. Finally, I’ve decided to publish this simple version and leave it be – because I have to say something. I am heartsick over this.   After years of having hoped better…

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writer life. 🖤

I’m in the midst of writing a LONG post – that I expect to finish after a fabulous outing tonight. It’s taking quite awhile – and it’s going to set some folks hair on fire. But you know what? My dreams growing up were to be a writer and to work for social justice. And…

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on a mission.

Recently, I have been researching complementary therapies to hopefully improve my health and pain levels – in addition to, not in place of, my traditional medication regimen (though I would love to see that reduced one day – but that isn’t anything I foresee unfortunately). See, with my physicians, it feels as though I am…

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safety. first.

There is a topic that is capital B, Bothering Me. It’s not usually in my wheelhouse – which is why I haven’t written about it before – but I’m talking about it now because it’s important. Some of you may remember a reviling news story last August from Colorado where the Watts family – Shanann…

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