all the new health things.

This week has had some significant health changes for me. First - this one is fabulous - I have completed my IV antibiotic therapy and my PICC line was pulled today by home health. Yesterday, I realized since last July - so for a year now - I have spent more time WITH some kind... Continue Reading →

what (terrifying) dreams may come

A few nights ago, I went to sleep after a lovely day with my family that also came with some terrible news in my city and state and a somber day in my spoonie community. At the same time, my body was exhausted from a gnarly flare that Just. Won't. Quit. I'm improving from my... Continue Reading →

things we cannot change.

Oh well, celebrate we will Because life is short but sweet for certain We're climbing two by two To be sure these days continue These things we cannot change. -- Two Step, Dave Matthews. I'm in the middle of several essays on heavier things - and, of course, a death book - so thinking and... Continue Reading →

rowing harder.

On June 22, Angela Madsen, phenomenal, fearless woman, Paralympian, marine vet, died at sea, attempting to row the Pacific from California to Hawaii alone. She knew the risk, she wanted to go, she went. The documentarian and her crew who were recording Angela's efforts - and have since announced that, per the wishes of Angela... Continue Reading →

crossing the lines.

Across the lines Who would dare to go Under the bridge Over the tracks That separates whites from blacks Choose sides  Run for your life Tonight the riots begin On the back streets of America They kill the dreams of America Little back girl gets assaulted Ain't no reason why Newspaper prints the story And... Continue Reading →

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