feeling the invisible.

Y'all, it has been a holy hell, beast of a week, with all kinds of new and exciting symptoms manifesting - yay, autoimmune disease - and old foolishness rearing it's ugly head too. All I have for this is "What the Frack?" As it happens, it's also Invisible Illness & Disability Awareness Week - that's... Continue Reading →

a spoonie-get-well week.

It's a medical week here, with more extra doctor's appointments and whatnot and some conditions flaring that haven't in quite some time, in addition to my RA. So today, during the day, I got all of the sleeps. Yesterday, though, Sara and I rode with my husband to see our family, and got to visit... Continue Reading →

let my life be a song

Oh, the beauty of the King You make righteous those who seek You have written and redeemed my story Let my eyes see Your kingdom shine all around Let my heart overflow with passion for Your name Let my life be a song, revealing who You are For You are Salt and Light. - Lauren... Continue Reading →

who the heck is allergic to ducks?!?

As y'all know, I've been fighting my autoimmune diseases for several years while getting more and more sick. I've also developed multiple food intolerances and many GI issues recently - which is not at all uncommon as I have celiac disease as well. I knew I was allergic to eggs but have been reacting to... Continue Reading →

beauty for ashes

There is a show that I think airs on The CW (originally) called My Last Days. As the title implies, it films people who are suffering from terminal illnesses. Normally, as someone who suffers from a chronic illness and who has worked with many terminally ill patients, this show would not be my jam. And... Continue Reading →

500 days

I hardly ever think to check my clean day app but remembered to check it yesterday - and it must have been a God thing as it was 500 days to the day since I've stopped drinking. I am deeply grateful for this and for the community of amazing women I've found as well. I... Continue Reading →

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