time to write a (long) story.

Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story? -- Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda Like many others, I was anxiously awaiting the premiere of Hamilton on Disney Plus earlier this month. I've been a long time lover of musical theatre and a performer of it in my youth and I couldn't wait to see if this actually... Continue Reading →

a love list.

Today, it's time for an overdue, Quaran-Love List. There is always much to be thankful for. ❤ Among my many blessings, I am giving gratitudes this weekend for. . . A wonderful talk with my bestie yesterday. She and her lovely husband have a big weekend of great things that they so deserve and I... Continue Reading →

disability awareness month.

Actually, I am calling July this. Everyone else mentioning it is calling it "disability pride month" - and I just can't go there. I totally get it - and agree with the concepts. The idea that there is no reason to be ashamed of our physical or mental limitations, our scars, our limps, our devices... Continue Reading →

wrapped in love.

Yesterday, my beautiful bestie/sister and her dear husband came from out of state for a visit - and it was so so good to see them. We had planned to go to them last week and had to rearrange so I was incredibly thankful that we didn't have to skip our Christmas get together. Not... Continue Reading →

Highest highs and lowest lows.

So, y'all, the past few days - especially today - have brought some incredible highs as well as some devastating lows. So I just want to share my heart with you right now. First. . . counting some simple beautiful blessings As sick as I've been in the past weeks and months and as there... Continue Reading →


As y'all can see, things are different here today, and, after saying for so long that I wouldn't be a chronic illness blogger, I've realized that it is time to let go of those ideas. When I was reading through my friend Sara Frankl's book, Choose Joy, a few weeks ago, she wrote this about... Continue Reading →

the land of almost

I'm up really early this morning getting ready to return for my follow up appointment with my orthopedist from the surgery 12 days ago that helped to save my life - and I don't say that lightly. before & after Looking at the photos of my - misdiagnosed - left foot, before and after, honestly... Continue Reading →

facing a serious health crisis.

This post I have to report a serious health crisis - but, thankfully, we are making it through. ❤ Initially, my left foot flared pretty nastily last month with my CRPS and my Rheumy tried a huge dosage of prednisone daily to see if that would knock it out - and it appeared to do... Continue Reading →

living in the upside down

On Friday morning, I took Henry for what was to be the last day of his glucose curves at the vet. He had been doing really well but had seemed really tired Thursday night. I figured the poor lil' fella has been through a lot. As we were standing for a nurse to come get... Continue Reading →

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