back from the latest round.

The thing about chronic illness is that I truly never know what's coming - and I never know what will be the thing that will just lay me out. I've been MIA because of an ailment that started with a resistant sinus infection. While unpleasant, I've had chronic sinusitis literally my entire life and I... Continue Reading →

ordinary blessings. . . aren’t

In Joan Didion's memoir, Blue Nights, about her daughter Quintana's life and death, she wrote of toasting Quintana and her new husband, Gerry, on their wedding day, six months before the illness that would ultimately claim Quintana's life began, saying: We wished them happiness, we wished them health, we wished them love and luck and beautiful... Continue Reading →

an uncool love list.

Happy Early Thursday, y'all! So, it's been a bit since I've posted due to: The sinus plague. Even my Sara Bug got sick - and that hasn't happened in a very long time. Yuck.  Working on a major project. I have gone through my writer's notebooks from the past several years, extracting my notes I've... Continue Reading →

strong like my grandmothers.

Lately, when I'm really having a good COVID-19 freak out - and when I really read the latest Scary Things sometimes I do - I have learned to take a moment of pause and remember one of the most fabulous ladies I've ever known, my dear Grandmother's mother, my great Grandmother Humphries. She was sweet... Continue Reading →

a love list.

Today, it's time for an overdue, Quaran-Love List. There is always much to be thankful for. ❤ Among my many blessings, I am giving gratitudes this weekend for. . . A wonderful talk with my bestie yesterday. She and her lovely husband have a big weekend of great things that they so deserve and I... Continue Reading →

disability awareness month.

Actually, I am calling July this. Everyone else mentioning it is calling it "disability pride month" - and I just can't go there. I totally get it - and agree with the concepts. The idea that there is no reason to be ashamed of our physical or mental limitations, our scars, our limps, our devices... Continue Reading →

fernweh (so much this now).

fernweh (German): an ache for distant places, missing places you've never been. *craving for travel* As you know if you've been here for awhile, I love to travel. Big adventures, small road trips, little outings around town. . . I just love finding new things to get into with my people. Well. . . Between... Continue Reading →

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