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I’ve been doing SO much sleeping since I last wrote – but now it’s time to get all caught up. Journeying Home On Tuesday, we had a fabulous trip back. During the first part of our return home, from Montreal to Newark, we were on a very small plane, a United Express, and I, having […]

So, friends, I’ve been trying to write to you for several days now, but, honestly, every time I sit still, I fall asleep. It’s a wonderful tired – my Ginny and I have been having the most amazing time in Montreal, a city who has definitely stolen my heart, and I can’t wait to tell […]

Okay, first, a spoonie “confession” of sorts: the past three weeks have been, in some ways, the worst CRPS flare I have had to date. They have been rough. And I have truly downplayed, minimized, understated the severity of the situation in some ways. Why? I think both because I didn’t want to believe it […]

i believe in loving my people – two and four legged – big, with all of my might. i believe in being kind, to humans and animals and the earth. i believe in giving, whenever i am able, of my time, care, and resources. i believe in grand adventures and weenie dogs and road trips […]

For some inexplicable reason, my CRPS in my left foot has exploded right now. It seemed to improve for a day or so – and then just went off the rails completely – as in, back in my smartchair for anything that requires any real walking or standing, off the rails. This is NOT GREAT. […]

As you probably know, it’s Pride month – and a Happy Pride to you all! You also know that I live in Alabama. As such, I have many things to share, some unpleasant, most lovely, today. So, let’s begin. What Target Doesn’t Understand For starters, last week my daughter, Sara, mentioned that many people on […]