i still miss someone

Today I drove Laura, our oldest daughter, out to my parents house to spend the night. Of course, I stayed and spent some time with my dad and my adorable new furry sister, Shadow. Then I hopped in Janis and took the long way down 459 back home so I could make a quick stop... Continue Reading →

3 AM thoughts (and poetry)

Since I was a little girl, I've been a night owl. I like to stay up, reading, writing, thinking late into the night. And I am the living worst to have to get up early in the morning. Today marks my 14 year anniversary as a nurse and I've always preferred night shift in my... Continue Reading →

changing perspectives

I've been learning some new things about my RA this week and having some new realizations. Yesterday, my pain got progressively worse throughout the day, despite having been to the ER for steroids and whatnot a few days before and being on a taper. By the time my husband got home, I was in extreme... Continue Reading →

a love list

Since I've been pretty sick recently, my posts have been really heavy. While that can't be helped sometimes, I've decided to offset that with some gratitude. It's time for a love list of the good stuff. There are so many beautiful things in my life, big and small: my better half: our unruly herd: my... Continue Reading →

the latest from miranda’s spot

For the past week, I've wanted to write but haven't because all I really had to talk about was illness and RA and Lupus stuff and I felt like people get tired of reading that. However, today, as I was looking on my Insta at what friends in my Spoonie community were posting, I realized... Continue Reading →

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