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For some inexplicable reason, my CRPS in my left foot has exploded right now. It seemed to improve for a day or so – and then just went off the rails completely – as in, back in my smartchair for anything that requires any real walking or standing, off the rails. This is NOT GREAT. […]

As you probably know, it’s Pride month – and a Happy Pride to you all! You also know that I live in Alabama. As such, I have many things to share, some unpleasant, most lovely, today. So, let’s begin. What Target Doesn’t Understand For starters, last week my daughter, Sara, mentioned that many people on […]

800 days. I’m writing to you with what I’m convinced is plague. Well, not really. Just a summer cold I woke up with, likely picked up from our adventuring somewhere over the past several days. Still, when everything, including my face, is sort of throbbing, plague it is in my book. 😉 But I’m pretty […]

On Saturday, my Sara Bug and I set out for Decatur, Georgia, with several wonderful things on our agenda and an unusual “playlist” playing through the speakers of Janis the Bug. Our departure coincided with Rachel Held Evans’ memorial service, and, though I knew I would probably listen to the playback – and I have […]

Like the good Jack Kerouac, we love to go, and my bestie and I hit the road on Thursday for a lil’ day trip. Like always, bestie days on the road, hanging out, talking, and laughing, are one of my very favorites. ❤ We went to this amazing place in Cullman, Alabama called Ave Maria […]

An ugly ugly thing has come to my attention. During a debate on the passage of a restrictive abortion law, a state senator in Oklahoma said, while trying to advance his agenda (of course), that RAPE is God’s will. And incest as well. Really. Here is the article – and it contains the YouTube video: […]

I was totally and completely wiped today – health stuff – so I spent most of the day in bed. When I got up this evening, I managed a shower and picked up Sara and Henry from the park where they had taken a stroll to make a super speedy grocery store run. Upon returning […]