100 Days by the numbers

Yesterday marked 100 days since I said goodbye to the vino – and girls margarita nights and hard apple ciders and those grape soda things – not unlike Zima – that they just came out with not too long ago. . .

And these past 100 days, spent clear-headed and feeling like me again, have brought lots more numbers:

20+ – Fabulous books I’ve read.

70+ – Nights my better half and I have enjoyed just hanging out together, having dinner, watching our shows, and playing with our dogs. It’s the simple things that are the best.

20+ – Nerdy documentaries I’ve watched when I stay up late reading at night.

50+ – Awesome podcasts I’ve listened to and learned from while walking, driving, waiting for the doctor. . . It’s been amazing to catch up on so many more new things.

0 – Hangovers I’ve experienced.

1 – Fabulous sober roadtrip I’ve made to see my bestie (and we have some other awesome stuff planned)

4 – Bottles of lavender I’ve gone through, learning to cope with stress in a healthy way.

0 – Dollars wasted on alcohol.

19 – Dollars per month on my Yogaglo subscription, money well spent.

5+ – “Friends” that aren’t really anymore.

6 – Modules of nutrition school completed so far.

500 – Cans of Lacroix. Literally.

20+ – New friends in my sober community.

1 – New essential oil small business endeavor I just started.

100 wonderful days.

As I said when I first wrote about it, I am so thankful because I am so so free.

Even on the hardest days.

Even when I’m really sick and my body hurts and my joints are on fire.

I am eternally grateful to be alcohol free.

So, today, our awesome friend Aaron was able to squeeze me in for a quick 15 minute tattoo appointment.

See, many of the women in my group already had their Tt tats (for teetotaler):

And, today, I got mine:

Not only is sobriety the best decision I could have made for myself, but I also want to live out loud for anyone else who might be struggling.

As is often said within my group, silence equals death.

It doesn’t serve anyone to hide, especially with alcohol and substance abuse deaths occuring at the terrifying rate we are seeing now.

Again, if you are struggling, help is available in many forms.

If you are averse to the traditional AA/NA format, me too, but there is pretty much an option for EVERYBODY now.

Help IS there.

All you have to do is take it. ❤

Be well, everybody.

Love and light. 💜💚💛❤💙

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