happy birthday jerry. not fade away.

I’m still walking; so I’m sure that I can dance. – Grateful Dead, Saint of Circumstance

It just takes my breath and blows my mind to realize that today is Jerry Garcia’s 80th Birthday. That doesn’t even seem possible.

Hell, the closer I get to it, it’s even harder to get my head around that he was only 53 when he left us. I still remember having to stop my car on Highland Road on my way to school when I heard it on the radio, just stunned.

Still, this isn’t a sad sack post, but rather a celebration of him and all things Grateful. ❤

an image originally from the Birmingham News taken outside one of the last Dead shows that we were lucky enough to have happen here in my town back in 1995. ❤

In honor of Jerry’s birthday, The Jerry Garcia Foundation has announced the start of an online archive to share his content which will be fantastic.

Jerry Archive Article.

I don’t have words to express all the things Jerry and the Dead mean to me and so so many – so I’m just going to share a few of many things I love. ❤

First, as I was writing, I saw that Bobby Weir made a sweet post for Jerry today:

happy birthday jerry

Bob Weir is just. . . oh my heart. ❤

A film I highly recommend on Netflix is The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bobby Weir. I’ll just leave that here:

Bobby Weir Documentary

While I’m suggesting documentaries, absolutely watch the documentary series on Amazon called Long Strange Trip. It’s wonderful.

Long Strange Trip Documentary

Today is all Grateful Dead Radio here in the Hippie Hut.

I can’t share all of my favorite songs – we’ll need many posts 😉 – but we have to have a few of course.

not fade away. ❤
always love st. stephen.\
a box of rain will ease the pain and love will see you through. . . ❤
love this so much.
on my all time favorite song list forever. ❤

YouTube is full of entire show recordings as well as some fantastic jams that folks have compiled – so we still have so much to listen to.

One of those nifty compilations is above. ❤

And, finally, though it’s different – of course – I dig Dead & Company as it is now. This is Box of Rain with John Mayer – and it’s pretty damn good. ❤

I think Jerry would approve.

I have been trying to take our daughter for several years but Covid has had other plans so fingers crossed for next year as they aren’t headed this way this summer.

our shirts from what was to be our Dead & Company show in 2020.

Since she is waiting to go to her first show, I had to introduce her to Rollin’ In The Hay’s “Miracle Ticket.” If you don’t know it, well, you’re welcome. 😉

Her Miracle Ticket will eventually arrive. I am determined. 😉

Grateful for such much good music and so many great memories.

Happy Birthday Jerry. We miss you.

Not fade away.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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