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writer. holistic nutritionist. disabled nurse. wife. kid & fur mom. Follower of Jesus. Spirit Junkie.

We Are So So Free

A terribly sad thing happened in my little corner of the world today. And it’s made me realize that it’s time to write honestly about the thing I probably most didn’t want to in this world and “out” myself. Still, my chest is about to split open knowing I NEED to. For me and for…

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For Easter, My Rebirth

In 2004, the film Supersize Me was released. If you didn’t see it, or don’t remember it, for 30 days, Morgan Spurlock eats nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days and it has shocking consequences for his health. The film also discusses the effects of the fast food culture on society and the American obesity epidemic.…

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what a week. what a ride.

The past week has been anything but routine in my world. Last Friday night, I took our youngest daughter, Sara, and her fabulous friend, Kendra, to see Panic! At The Disco in celebration of Sara’s birthday – which was six months ago (but she was willing to wait to get to go to the show)…

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We Can Do Hard Things

Last week the news broke that Amy Bleuel, the founder of the Semicolon Project, passed away at 31. My heart breaks for her family and friends and she’s been on my mind often since I heard the news. When the Semicolon project started taking off, I planned to get a tattoo, and I later put…

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March 23

Since I was a little girl, I can remember always holding my Grandmother’s hand. At stores, at the park, at church. Everywhere. As an adult, I would sit next to her and hold her hand when I would visit her. I sat in the floor next to her wheelchair and held her hand on the…

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for the mamas

We all agree that we are done with 2016. Completely over it. Too much negative energy. Too much scary news. Too many untimely deaths. When the news of Carrie Fisher’s death broke, like everyone else, I was terribly sad to hear it. Though I’m not a huge Star Wars person – don’t email me; I…

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