back from the latest round.

The thing about chronic illness is that I truly never know what's coming - and I never know what will be the thing that will just lay me out. I've been MIA because of an ailment that started with a resistant sinus infection. While unpleasant, I've had chronic sinusitis literally my entire life and I... Continue Reading →

music is medicine.

As I wrote in my most recent post - last week - things have been sickly for me lately. Sometimes it just happens that way. This week, we also have a hurricane rapidly approaching my state as well - so my joints definitely won't be springing into action just yet. However, I've been working on... Continue Reading →

riding out a new storm.

And after the storm,I run and run as the rains comeAnd I look up, I look up,on my knees and out of luck,I look up. Night has always pushed up dayYou must know life to see decayBut I won't rot, I won't rotNot this mind and not this heart,I won't rot. And I took you... Continue Reading →

the blue nights and the heavy things.

Like many female writers my age, I adore Joan Didion. I don't remember a world without her in it. Pictured above is my "lucky writing necklace" with her well-known packing list from her essay, "The White Album," one of many essays that shaped me, published the year I was born. She's forever the Queen in... Continue Reading →

disability awareness month.

Actually, I am calling July this. Everyone else mentioning it is calling it "disability pride month" - and I just can't go there. I totally get it - and agree with the concepts. The idea that there is no reason to be ashamed of our physical or mental limitations, our scars, our limps, our devices... Continue Reading →

all the new health things.

This week has had some significant health changes for me. First - this one is fabulous - I have completed my IV antibiotic therapy and my PICC line was pulled today by home health. Yesterday, I realized since last July - so for a year now - I have spent more time WITH some kind... Continue Reading →

what (terrifying) dreams may come

A few nights ago, I went to sleep after a lovely day with my family that also came with some terrible news in my city and state and a somber day in my spoonie community. At the same time, my body was exhausted from a gnarly flare that Just. Won't. Quit. I'm improving from my... Continue Reading →

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