the blue nights and the heavy things.

Like many female writers my age, I adore Joan Didion. I don't remember a world without her in it. Pictured above is my "lucky writing necklace" with her well-known packing list from her essay, "The White Album," one of many essays that shaped me, published the year I was born. She's forever the Queen in... Continue Reading →

time to write a (long) story.

Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story? -- Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda Like many others, I was anxiously awaiting the premiere of Hamilton on Disney Plus earlier this month. I've been a long time lover of musical theatre and a performer of it in my youth and I couldn't wait to see if this actually... Continue Reading →

a love list.

Today, it's time for an overdue, Quaran-Love List. There is always much to be thankful for. ❤ Among my many blessings, I am giving gratitudes this weekend for. . . A wonderful talk with my bestie yesterday. She and her lovely husband have a big weekend of great things that they so deserve and I... Continue Reading →


As y'all can see, things are different here today, and, after saying for so long that I wouldn't be a chronic illness blogger, I've realized that it is time to let go of those ideas. When I was reading through my friend Sara Frankl's book, Choose Joy, a few weeks ago, she wrote this about... Continue Reading →

i believe.

i believe in loving my people - two and four legged - big, with all of my might. i believe in being kind, to humans and animals and the earth. i believe in giving, whenever i am able, of my time, care, and resources. i believe in grand adventures and weenie dogs and road trips... Continue Reading →

a tale of two books.

I've been in deep for the past four or five days with two books about death - one wonderful book I read while researching my own book and another one a true crime read that also gutted me, saying goodbye to a writer I adored way too young.  It started when I decided to finally read... Continue Reading →

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