it is not our weekend.

Yesterday morning I learned that my friend Amy's husband passed away and I am just heartbroken for her and her daughter and the rest of their family. Some things I will never understand. I can't imagine trying to deal with all that she has with medical issues that her husband has been suffering from for... Continue Reading →

so so many gratitudes.

It's Thanksgiving morning and I just woke from a long-ish winter's nap (five or so hours?) and I'm sitting here next to a snoring Wonderpup and we are all wrapped up in our toastys because it's actually cold this morning (I love it when cold holidays actually are - never a sure thing in Alabama,... Continue Reading →

thanks, mrs o

Somewhere, floating around in my library, is my creative writing book I did as the final project for Mrs. O's class during my junior year of high school. I found it in my hope chest several years ago. Mrs. O, one of my all time favorite teachers and a dear friend, believed in my writing... Continue Reading →

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