Some Nights Are Just Magic

Dave, y’all.

5.3.17 Tuscaloosa

I got to see him last night as the most wonderful just because surprise gift from my amazing husband. (yes, I am the luckiest, most well loved woman in the entire world)

And ever since he told me about the tickets, I have been ready to pop.

And, finally, it came.

So, we got there early, rounded up a couple of ponchos (Alabama weather! Yay!) and some bottled water, and settled in.

I love watching the trains

Once Dave and Tim came out, They. Never. Stopped.

For over three hours, they played, just them and their guitars, and we danced and sang, and even the rain, when it came, felt perfect.

And it was the most magical trancendent amazing show I’ve ever been to.

No booze. No chemicals.

Just water, my love, music, and dance.


I could have stayed forever.

And, towards the end, when we were nice and drenched, and the rain was coming down, I just looked up at the sky and all I could say was, “Thank You.”

Because those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

But those who keep believing, no matter how hard it gets sometimes, always will.

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