Madam Pomfrey was holding a large bottle of something labeled Skele Gro.

“You’re in for a rough night,” she said, pouring out a steaming beakerful and handing it to him. “Regrowing bones is a nasty business.”

– Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Well, y’all, I have plenty of news and I’m all kinds of in my feelings right now.

I saw my rheumy on Friday and he finally decided to get moving on the daily injections that will strengthen my bones. While I am hopeful for the therapy, it does last for two years and it is painful – because regrowing bones IS a nasty business – so that part I am not looking forward to. I am waiting on insurance approval right now and hope to start it next week. I pray this will help my feet and hip heal as well.

We are also tapering down so that I can stop my prednisone – which is going to be painful as well – but I am still thankful. Between the crumbling bones and the cardiovascular side effects and the high blood sugar and the weight gain, I am beyond ready to say goodbye to the pred.

We have much going on this week in our home as well.

For our girls, we have our younger daughter going back to school – starting high school – and our older daughter turning 18. It’s hard to believe.

And, on Tuesday, my smartchair will be delivered. I am so SO grateful for it – but I have been a big ball of tears as my better half has been rearranging our house to get ready. I think the gravity of this situation, especially the broken hip, has been sinking in and I just HATE that my body is falling apart so spectacularly.

Still, I am very much looking forward to being able to get around and go and do again. So, on Tuesday, as our youngest says, Speedracer will be at it again. . . =D

As for right now, I’ve been dealing with some sort of respiratory illness and I feel just awful. This has called for lots of resting in bed with Henry – and Steel Magnolias is keeping us company at the moment.

Wishing y’all a fabulous week!

Be well, everybody.

Grace and Blessings.




Merry Christmas!

I’ve always liked Christmas a lot – but, until I met my husband, I think I honestly would have told you Halloween was my favorite holiday (and I still do love it!).

However, with our first family Christmas as a couple, we had a wonderful family Thanksgiving at the lake all together with Mom, Pop, GJ, Courtney, the kids, and me, then we watched Christmas movies all season at home and had a beautiful tree that we put up together – even in my tiny apartment it was perfect – and then we had the most wonderful Christmas with our family at the lake spending time together – and Mom’s gorgeous decorations and yummy food and laughing and talking and Christmas stockings and. . . I can’t even explain. Just Family Christmas.

The whole season was the best.

And I turned into a HUGE Christmas person.

And then I got sick. And I really REALLY had to learn to make my own sunshine.

And, last year, right before Halloween, we unexpectedly lost one of our closest friends.

I was so sad and so sick. It was also my first year at home, due to disability. So, when I mentioned to my husband that I really wished we could put up the Christmas tree, because he is wonderful, he did.

So, in the name of choosing joy and celebrating and enjoying Christmas as long as possible, our holidays begin November 1st in the Hippie Hut now. 🙂

(Ooooh, AND I now have a three foot perma-Christmas tree in my office that I am in the process of decorating! I’m sure it will make an appearance when it is finished!)

But, of course, now we are in the midst of 97 degree, melting summer. #fixitjesus

Yesterday, our daughter, Sara, and I had actually made it out and about to run MANY errands. It was so nice to be out with her for the day – even if it was for things like turning in cable boxes and whatnot.

We had been out for several hours and were worn out and trying to get finished when my husband called to report some magical news: Christmas in July – all Christmas music all weekend on our local radio station. Falalalalalalala!!!

So, to Sara’s dismay and my great delight, we cranked up the Christmas tunes for the rest of our outing.

And my husband and I also have tickets that were a gift from several months ago – I want to say Valentine’s Day? – to see Counting Crows and Live tonight. Yes, that’s right. An actual date night for us. With musak. I’m so stoked.

And church day tomorrow. 🙂

And the Christmas music continues all weekend as well!

So, Merry Christmas to me this weekend!!!

I am so thankful.

Be well, everybody. Happy Saturday and Merry Christmas!

Grace and Blessings.





I’m burning the midnight oil tonight with my better half sleeping next to me and my wonderpup snoring at my feet. Both of the girls are settled for the night as well.

Today was our sixth anniversary and we had a fabulous day together, watching movies and talking and just hanging out. (And how well does my husband know me? One of my gifts was a yoga dog. Yassss.)

I’ve been doing some thinking back and looking through my iTunes, as I tend to think in songs. Actually, the first weekend I met my husband, he made a Pat Green CD for me and then he gave me some amazing mix CDs when we went on our first date. Our music is super important to us.

(By the way, if you want to read a wonderful book about music and mixes and memories, check out Rob Sheffield’s Love Is A Mix Tape. You’ll be so glad you did.)

As I was reminiscing, I hunted down a blog post I wrote on my old site when Prince died to find this list of my 16 All Time Favorite Songs (it was meant to be ten but I could only narrow it down to 16):

My Ten 16 All Time Favorite Songs (in no actual order)

1. Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin

2. When A Heart Breaks – Ben Rector

3. These Days – Foo Fighters

4. Wild Horses – The Rolling Stones (but The Sundays version is my current favorite)

5. Oklahoma Sky – Miranda Lambert

6. Purple Rain – Prince

7. Desperately Wanting – Better Than Ezra

8. Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (but the Rufus Wainwright version is much loved too)

9. Mad World – Gary Jules

10. The Man Who Sold The World – David Bowie/Nirvana. I love, love, love Nirvana’s Unplugged version of this song but there will never be another Bowie either.

11. Milwaukee – Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers

12. Murder In The City – The Avett Brothers

13. Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen

14. Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) – Don McLean

15. Waiting for My Real Life To Begin – Colin Hay

16. Give Me Novocaine – Green Day

Now I would add a 17th: Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.

Also, here’s the full post if anyone is curious:

One of the songs on this list, Miranda Lambert’s Oklahoma Sky, was also on our Wedding Mix CD that we gave to our guests as favors. I put it on there because it was exactly what I wanted to say to Courtney on our wedding day and it’s still perfect for what I want to say today (and that’s why it’s always and forever my favorite).

I am so incredibly blessed to have married my best friend and to be together through the best and the worst. We have faced some unbelievable challenges with my health and issues with kids and just life and my husband has been my rock. No one else knows me so well or knows how to make me laugh so hard. I am so thankful to get to do life together.

I’m counting my blessings for the past six years and looking forward to many more.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.


we rescued our furbabies – and they rescued us too.

My regular readers are used to reading about Henry the Wonderpup – because he is the best lil’ weenie dog/service dog in the land 😉 – but I want to talk about his story today (and about our other precious rescue fur babies too) because it’s a special weekend here in our city at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society – and rescuing is my heart.

Last year, I went to see my doctor for a visit on August 17th where my heart rate was extremely high and my anxiety was out of control. She strongly recommended that I consider getting an emotional support service dog to help me. When I got home that evening, it was a crazy night – kids, kids, kids – and I didn’t get a chance to discuss it with my husband until the next day.

I remember that we were driving down I-459 towards our favorite used bookstore on August 18th when I filled him in on the visit and he immediately hopped off the interstate to go down Hwy 150 to the Humane Society to visit the doggies – because he is amazing like that.

After a couple of hours there, we adopted Juliet, to join our other two big doggies, Dave (who is celebrating her 4th Birthday today!) and Dax:

Dax (also a GBHS alum) is on the left, Juli-Bug is in the center, and Dave Grohl, the Birthday Girl, who was rescued by Daddy after someone abandoned her on the side of the road in Hackleburg when she was a wee pup, is on the right.

And, of course, we adopted Henry Albus Herring, who literally jumped in my lap when he came in the room to meet us. Here is his Welcome-To-The-Family Announcement:

Henry was four when we adopted him and we are fairly certain his previous human passed away, giving him some separation anxiety understandably. He and I are a matched set and we are not apart often (and never for long). He gets upset when he is away from me (and vice versa). I guess I’m his emotional support human too. ❤

If you notice, he was pretty thin when we adopted him. I also suspect he wouldn’t eat much at GBHS due to anxiety. Now he expects halvsies of my food and I don’t cook anything that isn’t Super H friendly these days. . . so definitely not an issue anymore. 😉

From the start, he slept in the bed with me and let me know my place:

I also learned quickly that he likes to wear clothes – and gets very upset if he is naked. Now, he is never without his shirt:

We dress up together for Halloween – and birthdays and any other chance we get:

Two of the Sanderson Sisters – the third was off with her friends. =D

Beast and Belle for Henry’s 5th Birthday Party

And we love Christmas! Henry has his own little tree!

And, of course, he gets to go tell Santa what he wants:

And, even though he is my emotional support service dog, oh my goodness, does this little boy ever love his Daddy. . .

And he has his own little car seat because he looooves car rides . . .

And he is a fabulous sports cheerleader:

Cheering on the Braves with Daddy!

Bringing home the National Championship for the Crimson Tide!

But, most importantly, I so needed him when we adopted him and my health problems and the related issues have only gotten more serious since then.

Since he came home, I’ve had to shave my head due to medications making my hair fall out, I’ve been dealing with disability for a full year now (so I haven’t been able to work), my pain has worsened significantly, I have broken bones in both of my feet that aren’t going to heal, my right hip has gotten much worse, and I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.

These things have not been great for my anxiety to say the least.

So I am incredibly thankful that God sent my little buddy to keep me company and bring me such joy and sit up with me on rough nights and do so many fun things with me and bring so much happiness to our whole family. The Lord knew just how much we needed him.

Me and my baby boy.

I wanted to share our story again because this weekend at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society their goal is to empty the shelter. All adoptions are $21. Yesterday, 100 furbabies were adopted, which is amazing!

Today (Sunday), they are open from 12-5 and adoptions are still $21. If you have been considering adding to your family, please, please, please, adopt, don’t shop. You will be so glad you did.

As I said, Henry, Jules, and Dax are all GBHS alums. Dave was rescued when my better half spotted her after someone abandoned her in a ditch when she was a puppy.

And, last, but definitely not least, our elder statesman:

Mickodemus Crookshank Brimley Herring

If you are a feline person, well, we are too!

Mick found me on Thanksgiving Weekend 2010 at a friend’s house, when I was sitting by the fire pit. He kind of just walked up and chose me and we’ve been together ever since. I lub him so.

If you want to add a Mickodemus to your family, the GBHS has plenty to meet – and cat adoptions are also $21!

If you’ve been wanting to grow your family, I hope you’ll consider going down there today!

 300 Snow Drive, Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 942-1211

Be well, everybody. Happy Sunday!

Grace and Blessings!



tales from that sahm life.

Y’all, I’m going crazy. Only a little, I think, but crazy none the less.

See, as you all know, I no longer am able to work outside of our home, and that has been a major adjustment, mentally, emotionally, and financially.

However, I have been able to be useful in some ways at home as both of our daughters are home with me. Our youngest, Sara, needed to begin homeschooling due to some health challenges so it was a blessing that we were able to work that out. Our oldest, Laura, is also home right now and we are working on some things for her as well. And, of course, they are getting to spend some quality time together these days. 😉

Where Sara and I have similar personalities so we can do things together but also enjoy our alone time, Laura is 100 percent extrovert. She wants company all the time. As a result, I hear, “Mom. Mom. Mom. . .” every waking moment. I JUST told her I HAD to have some quiet at 2:45 AM – only to hear “Mom” again at 2:55. Then we had a “Go. To. BED!” moment. Serenity now!!!

I’m going a lil’ crazy, y’all.

When I take a nap and get up to go to the bathroom, the toilet flushing is actually – seriously – the cue to come to my door and say “Mom.” #fixitjesus

I love her dearly and I love spending time with her. It’s not that. It’s just that I require some solitude to recharge as well. In fact, if I can have my time, I actually get to enjoy our group time together. Without my time, well. . .

Additionally, contrary to popular belief, I have actual work to do for my health coaching practice and writing to do as well for my book, my blog, and some pieces I am working on for other places.

Soooo. . . before I drop my basket completely, I have come up with a plan. My little extroverted extrovert (EE) needs some boundaries – and I need some peace. My solution? Office hours.

My office is across the hall from our bedroom and has a tunnel where Henry the Wonderpup can run back and forth as he pleases. So he and I will be keeping actual office hours – where we are not to be disturbed unless someone is on fire – each day.

Yes, my little EE will be ready to explode.

Yes, she will hate it.

Yes, she will say “Mom is cray.”

But. . .

Mom won’t be cray – and that is a good thing.

And Mom will be getting her work done.

And Mom will be much less stressed.

And that’s not all.

While I’m handing out bad news for offspring, the EE is a bit challenged in the housework department and we are going to remedy that this week as “Mom, Mom, Mom” has some major physical problems and so does Sara and we are both doing all we can do.

Oh, the meany head is on the loose. . .

This will be better than my other plan though:

mom 2


So, that’s all for today’s tales from the SAHM trenches.

Be well and Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Grace and Blessings.

So, it turns out I’m Lorelai after all

Without getting into the awful details, we had a terrible episode with my son last night. It was unbelievable. Honestly, it has probably been a long time coming. . . But that doesn’t make it any less painful.

He is now at his father’s house.

And my husband, who worked all day on no sleep, is finally resting.

And my youngest daughter, who has been busting her tail all day working against a school deadline while keeping an eye on me, is also finally in bed.

And my pain has been AWFUL today – which I could have predicted with such an upsetting day yesterday.

So I’ve been in bed pretty much constantly today, napping on and off.

And now, our oldest daughter, who unfortunately was a witness to the craziness last night, is piled up in bed next to me, watching Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life.

I’m not much of a TV person but a favorite thing of mine is picking a great series and watching it through with my family. My husband and I have watched The Big Bang Theory, How I Meet Your Mother and Modern Family together, to name a few. Sara, our youngest, and I have watched Stranger Things and Queer Eye.

And so, tonight, Laura and I started Gilmore Girls. Since she has seen the earlier episodes, we are watching the new ones and then we will circle back and I’ll pick up the older ones.

After all these years of hearing that I’m Lorelai, it turns out it’s true. From the coffee to the food to the dog dressing and special doggie meals to all the crazy pop culture references to the Christmas obsession, it’s true.

But more importantly, I really needed to enjoy a good Netflix and late night pizza fest with my fam. Very much badly.

And there have been some other great things too like exciting developments with my business:

I have my final business name and logo chosen and our first conference in about ten days. There is lots of (really great) work to be done.

So, as with all hard things (like this with my son), I’m just digging in and hanging on and doing the things I can do.

And getting my Gilmore on.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.

these are a few (or a dozen?) of my favorite things. a love list.

Y’all, it was a rough weekend with the situation I wrote about in my previous post and then a really unwelcome health report from a dear friend’s oncologist (that we are praying so so hard about) and then some physical challenges when I was serving at church (when I discovered I can’t even do the simple clean up after being with my babies because my hands can’t take down the swings and my hips lock up on the floor when I’m trying to clean toys to the point that I have to rest on a bench during the trip to my car).

So I was really bummed.

However, Monday brought a wonderful lunch with my amazing cousin, Blair, and my Sara Bug, then some happy mail (the cutest lil’ weenie dog ring holder!!!) from my friend Lauren in Florida, then a great night with my better half and Henry the Wonderpup.

And I knew it was time to get grateful (like Pastor Mark suggested on Sunday, when we find ourselves in a funk) and make a love list.

And goodness knows I have plenty to be grateful for.

So here are a few (or a dozen?) of my favorite things:

My amazing husband, Courtney, and our precious Sara, and all of our adventures together. Despite the health challenges we face, we have a wonderful life. And I have these wonderful people. God is so good and I am so blessed to get to do life with them. I love them more than I have words.

Our Wonderpup, Henry. Not only is he my Emotional Support Animal, he is our baby. He stays with me constantly and is such a joy. I’ve always wanted a lil’ weenie dog and having him as a companion has made this year, with my new physical limitations, so much more bearable. I always say God knew I needed a Henry because the way we ended up with him could have only been a God thing.

Also, as a reminder, he is a rescue and we adopted him as an adult dog (he is four years old). If you are considering adding to your family, please consider your local shelter. You’ll be so glad you did. I encourage everyone to look there for the Love of their Doggie Life.

My precious family. We had the best time getting to see Blair today, and, though I don’t get to see my Aunt Barbie as often as I’d like, I love getting to stay in touch with her almost daily through our social media. It just makes my heart smile. I am so thankful for them!

My precious family – part two (Mom, Pop, & GJ). They are just amazing. Y’all have no idea. We are so so blessed.

My fantastical bestie since I was fourteen, Ginny. This is actually us in front of our high school. I love her so much and she is godmother to my herd as well. I am so lucky.

My precious bestie and spoonie sister, Al. We have been through the great and the absolute pure hell together. She understands the things without even having to say the things. I just freaking love her and am so grateful for her. That is all.

Our house was a MAJOR fixer upper when we bought it and my husband has worked SO incredibly hard to turn it in to the cozy Hippie Hut of my dreams. And it is wonderful. Since I am home most of the time (and I’m not complaining – I love our home), he made it just perfect. In the past few weeks, we’ve even been able to open it up to where our cat, Mick, and Henry the Wonderpup can freely run everywhere now and I love it so much. I am so grateful both for our home and for my phenomenal husband who loves me so well.

I’m thankful for lots of little things as well.

I was introduced to oils several years ago when I worked with my friend, Tonya, who used to put Valor on a cotton ball and stick it in my fan in my office during stressful days when I worked in Mental Health. Then, when I had to stop working, another friend reintroduced me to them. And I am so glad she did.

My oils help so much with my anxiety – especially my Valor. And I love my Oola Grow for studying. And my Abundance for perfume. And my citrus oils for my water. Heck, I have an oil for everything. Yep, I’m that lady. I’m so thankful for them.

This was mid-point certificate from school – and, in two weeks, I will graduate! I have already completed my minimum requirements but I still have some more modules to complete (because, of course, I’m going to complete all of my work). I am thankful for all I have learned and I am stoked to start my practice. This whole process has been a huge blessing.

I love cooking – and I love that Sara is enjoying cooking with me. Starting this week, we are going through my cookbooks and cooking our healthy meals together. We are experimenting to see if we can improve some of our symptoms as well. I imagine I may well be doing some food/health blogging about this project and I am stoked. I am thankful for this new thing to work on and the time with her.

I am a huge reader and I am thankful for a ton of books waiting on me right now. Some of them are just personal growth, many of them are coaching related, a few of them are just for fun. . . I can’t wait to read them all. I am so thankful to have so much to look forward to.

I’ve never been a big TV person, but, when I’m anxious or having severe pain (so, pretty often), I need a happy distraction. I am thankful for my all time favorite funny, Psych, and my new love, Queer Eye, as they both bring me so much joy.

I love this picture because it represents several things I am thankful for: our church, relaxing and being a big kid, and singing the Veggie Tales songs (which, unfortunately for my family, I do).

It’s always good to look forward to things and this is me and my Henry dressed up for Halloween. I love Fall. I love decorating the house, burning autumn candles, dressing up for Halloween, the works. I look forward to it every year and plan for it year round. Another biggie on my love list.

And Christmas is the same. Last year, after the tragic loss of a dear friend, I instituted a policy of decorating for Christmas on November 1st so I can enjoy it for two months and I will be sticking with it. Life is too short not to enjoy the things we love to the fullest.

I adore art. I love to go to museums. I love to visit shops and find local art. I love discovering treasures while I’m thrifting.

I love to be surrounded by it.

This awesome design was created by a photographer I love – I follow her on Insta – and then a consignment/thrift site that I send clothes to printed it on a limited number of recycled shirts as an Earth Day fundraiser.

Well, I was fortunate enough to: 1. have some credit from sending them some clothes that I had,  ummm, outgrown and 2. get the last plus sized shirt available.

And I am stoked. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

It’s the little things.

I am so blessed.

And, last but not least, there’s this. I come here. I am working on my book. I dreamed of being a writer my whole life and now I get to write.

How can I be anything but grateful for this?

So, thank you, Pastor Mark. I do feel better after making an actual list.

And I could list for days.

I am a truly blessed woman.

God has been so good to me.

Be well, everybody. Go make your lists.

Grace and blessings.