sick season is here.

I woke up to the plague yesterday morning. It's "just a cold" to a normal human - but I'm not a normal human anymore. I'm immunosuppressed due to a combination of RA meds. So I feel like I have the most terrible case of the flu I've ever had in my life - though it's... Continue Reading →

getting back up.

It has been the worst few days, physically and emotionally. Monday afternoon, my precious bestie left flowers and prezzies for Sara and for me on our front porch - even though she was sick herself and out of spoons to boot. She is just the very best. And the extra love was much needed. Hell... Continue Reading →

feeling small.

we are frail, we are fearfully and wonderfully made forged in the fires of human passions, choking on the fumes of selfish rage and, with these our hells and our heavens, so few inches apart we must be awfully small and not as strong as we think we are. - rich mullins   We had... Continue Reading →


Madam Pomfrey was holding a large bottle of something labeled Skele Gro. “You’re in for a rough night,” she said, pouring out a steaming beakerful and handing it to him. “Regrowing bones is a nasty business." - Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Well, y'all, I have plenty of news and I'm all kinds... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

I've always liked Christmas a lot - but, until I met my husband, I think I honestly would have told you Halloween was my favorite holiday (and I still do love it!). However, with our first family Christmas as a couple, we had a wonderful family Thanksgiving at the lake all together with Mom, Pop,... Continue Reading →

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