i am the luckiest

A couple of weeks ago, I came home after a long Saturday twelve, pulled into our garage in Edwin, my fearless Tahoe (he’s my faithful steed), and immediately totally flipped the flip out.

Sitting on my husband’s side was this:

Since the new Beetles came out in 1998, I’ve wanted one.

Of course, since 2000, I’ve driven some version of a mom mobile and I never really expected to get one – at least not any time soon.

And. . . holy shit!

I can’t even begin to express my surprise – or my gratitute.

Since my husband brought her home – her name is Janis (of course) and she is deeply fabulous – he has worked tirelessly to get her back to 100% and to complete Herculean task of teaching me how to drive her (she is a five speed and that has taken some serious time and effort).

He never stops working for me and our family.

I am so loved and blessed and lucky.

And that is true all of the time.

And this gift is more than a car – though goodness knows a car is a giant gift.

This one though. . .

Generally speaking, I’m not a car person. I’ve never cared about or really wanted the newest and fanciest Audi or Lexus or whatever is the trendy mobile (as you can see, I don’t even know what that is right now to give a good example).

But my Bug. My hippie mobile. The car that is me?


And just like he has worked so hard to build our Hippie Hut and make me the most fabulous library in the land and all of the other amazing things he does, my better half gets me and loves my weirdo self and encourages me to do my thing.

And so he got me my Janis too.

Such an unbelievably sweet wonderful huge amazing gift.

It makes me so happy.

I am just the freaking luckiest.

And today I’m rolling in Janis and she’s getting her decorations:

And we’re gonna rock our weird.

And be fabulous.


Thank you so much, Baby.

There aren’t enough words.

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