week 1 health coaching myself update

As promised in last Friday’s blog post, it’s Friday Update Day (well, actually early Saturday morning, but, bear with me, plague has struck my home) on my Health Coaching myself project.

As can always be expected when starting a new project, a giant thundercloud has been hanging over our heads this week – the plague struck me on Sunday, our youngest daughter was in the ER twice with kidney problems through the week, and our eldest daughter was in the ER Thursday night with the flu and a crazy high fever.

And now we are both on Tamiflu.


Needless to say, it wasn’t the beginning I had hoped for.

Still, I managed to do my food journaling.

And I’ve written out my meal plans for the weekend.

And added my walks and swims to my calendar for next week.

I’ve also decided to try My Fitness Pal on my phone this week instead of a handwritten food journal to see how I like it.

One big thing I did manage to think about this week was body image.

I’ve written before about the changes in my appearance that have occurred because of my illness and my medications:

  • Of course, there is the weight gain from the prednisone.
  • The pred causes the weight gain to be mostly abdominal, where I usually tend to gain weight in my hips
  • I have the total prednisone “moon face.”
  • I lost so much of my hair due to my meds that I had to shave it and am now regrowing it (and am so grateful that it is coming back).
  • I have deep red marks across my abdomen called striae, that are different from a regular stretch mark, caused by the prednisone.
  • Some of my joints are seriously visually swollen and different.
  • Sometimes I obviously walk with a limp.

And I realize that losing weight will make me feel much better and improve my health – but it will not correct all of these things by any means.

And I have to accept that.

While I was thinking and reading on that, I came across this fabulous lady:

And I posted this picture to my Health Coach Instagram and a link to this awesome blog post of hers:

10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body

It is a great read.

Because sometimes we do have to accept the cosmetic things we don’t necessarily like. And just give thanks for all our bodies CAN do.

At the same time, while reading something unrelated to body image, I came across a quote from The Velveteen Rabbit that I hadn’t seen in many years. And it is just perfect. A total God thing:

So, it’s time to start Week Two.


Be well, everybody, and Happy Weekend!

Grace and blessings.

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