who the heck is allergic to ducks?!?

As y'all know, I've been fighting my autoimmune diseases for several years while getting more and more sick. I've also developed multiple food intolerances and many GI issues recently - which is not at all uncommon as I have celiac disease as well. I knew I was allergic to eggs but have been reacting to... Continue Reading →


This past Saturday, my husband's Father's Day trip to Atlanta to see the Braves play came around. We were super excited. It was also to be my first BIG outing in my smartchair. Since it arrived, I had only taken it out on some short trips to Target and such. As life sometimes happens, some... Continue Reading →

500 days

I hardly ever think to check my clean day app but remembered to check it yesterday - and it must have been a God thing as it was 500 days to the day since I've stopped drinking. I am deeply grateful for this and for the community of amazing women I've found as well. I... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

I've always liked Christmas a lot - but, until I met my husband, I think I honestly would have told you Halloween was my favorite holiday (and I still do love it!). However, with our first family Christmas as a couple, we had a wonderful family Thanksgiving at the lake all together with Mom, Pop,... Continue Reading →

happy 4th!

Lest I forget, as I’m drinking a LaCroix and trying to keep my fur babies from freaking the freak out with all the fireworks around, I must share one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists on this day: https://youtu.be/fF2lQLEsjfY Happy 4th, y’all!

dreaming big and being grateful

I had already scribbled down some notes to write a post about dreams when I sat down to watch last Sunday's sermon from my church (I haven't been in awhile because my RA has been running amuck, amuck, amuck and I hope my bestie and I will remedy that this upcoming Sunday). Now I know... Continue Reading →

changing our perspective on addiction

When I stopped drinking, there were challenges for sure, my anxiety being the biggest, but more rewards by far. My head was clearer, my body more healthy (as much as possible for me), my spirit more free. Still, I realize that I have a tremendous support system that made it so much better for me... Continue Reading →

Why I Am Done With Young Living

First, let me say that I adore essential oils. I truly believe in them - along side, not in place of, modern medicine. I use them for many things in my daily life: lavender to help my anxiety, lemongrass to combat the swelling from several of my RA meds, grapefruit in my water. Not only... Continue Reading →

graduation and gratitude

I'm hoping this post makes even a little bit of sense because I'm writing as I'm getting ready for our first event this morning with Sara taking her EO rollerballs and me taking all of my coaching stuff and there is so much to do. We are excited and super busy and running. This week... Continue Reading →

the mother’s day mixed bag.

Yesterday was honestly the best Mother's Day celebration I can remember. We went to spend the day with our family at the lake and had the best time talking and laughing and enjoying each other. It was simple and wonderful and I loved it. Today has been good too. I've mostly rested - travel wipes... Continue Reading →

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