love, family, and a cato bag

On Friday, my husband, daughter, and I drove down to Montgomery to do our taxes – always such a party – and also to get to see our family for a little bit.

On the way to our appointment, we stopped to visit our GJ and it was sooo good to see her. When we left, our car was loaded to the brim with a care package you would NOT believe. My freezer and deep freeze overfloweth tonight. We are so incredibly blessed and I am so thankful.

Then we met Mom at our appointment. We usually all go on the same day each year and just get the fun over with all together.

Let me preface what I’m going to tell you with a few things:

First, if you are new here, this post from last Mother’s Day explains that it took a loooong time for me to get my mom:

Second, my husband and I have an event coming up next weekend that I am very much looking forward to – but I am feeling terribly self-conscious about as well. This prednisone weight gain – particularly in my abdomen – has been awful for my body image and my hair is growing back – just not as quickly as I would like – and I’m doing the best I can with all of it, but it’s still pretty tough. If I could figure out a way to go to a dressy event as Pigpen in his ghost costume – covered from head to toe – I would.

Lastly, because of the prednisone weight gain, I’ve had to replace everything I own and shopping for clothes is one of my least favorite things to do right now. Finding the right (bigger) size, trying things on under those terribly flattering fluorescent lights, repeating that process several times. . . I. Hate. It.

So, I had not figured out what to wear for the event just yet.

When we saw Mom, she gave me a surprise bag from Cato, with adorable clothes that I just love, in my size, that are perfect for the event and some other things we have coming up as well.

And am I ever thankful for having beautiful clothes and not having to fight the dressing room battle!

But it isn’t just that.

For my friends who have had their moms all of their lives – and, yes, I realize that is the normal way – this is no big deal, I’m sure. Plenty of my friends have always had their moms picking them out something or going with them to do their shopping or calling every other day. Just normal mom stuff.

For me, though, I never thought I would have this so I feel extra loved to my toes, and I think I appreciate her more because it was thirty something years in the making.

And I am incredibly thankful now.

She is truly amazing, always loving and looking after all of us.

Also, if you have always had your mom, don’t take her for granted. Lots of people don’t for many reasons. Give her an extra hug and say thank you next time you see her.

I promise, no matter how old you are, it’s really something special.

So, I’ll actually be wearing some of my super cute new clothes today to lunch to celebrate one of my besties birthdays. And I’ll be feeling fabulous. And so loved.

Happy Sunday, y’all!

Be well.

Grace and blessings.

Mom and me at a super fun Women’s Conference we attended together.

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