counting blessings, not troubles

I am an incredibly lucky woman. And I tell y’all that after I’ve spent the better part of the past 24 hours sleeping due to some sort of viral nonsense that has my RA acting out as well.

Still, I am.

First, let me catch up a bit:

Last Thursday was my new Rheumatologist appointment and I do think that my Rheumy and his nurse practitioner are going to be outstanding. They were thorough and attentive and warm. I felt totally comfortable with them.

They ordered some new testing to be done in the coming weeks and also some repeat X-Rays that were done while I was there. To their credit, the X-Ray results were emailed to me as soon as they were received on Friday. And that is why it is taken me a bit to post.

They only repeated the scans of my spine and hips – and my hips showed significant degeneration compared to the ones done 18 months ago. This really shouldn’t have come as a surprise as my hip pain is substantially worse than it was then but it still really shook me.

I mentioned in my UAB Highlands post that I began my nursing career in ortho and so I do know the options when hips begin falling apart rapidly. That headspace is why it took me almost a full week to be able to write about this latest revelation – but I’m okay now.

hips 3

After taking some time to process the negative, I’m focusing on the positive as I always have so incredibly much to be thankful for:

  • my amazing husband who loves and takes care of me all the time
  • my sweet Buggle who is always looking after me as well – and just left after a midnight popcorn delivery
  • our precious family who are just wonderful to us
  • the best friends who have been messaging
  • Henry the Wonderpup – ’nuff said
  • our cozy Hippie Hut
  • our church I love so much
  • my school that I am so close to finishing
  • my giant book pile – school books and otherwise
  • a list of other goals I’m working on

It’s a great life, no matter my health situation.

So, as always, even when the medical news is not great, onward.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.

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