wheelchairs and mala beads

Probably the most well-known quote from the spiritual teacher Ram Dass is “We are all just walking each other home.”
You’ve likely seen it before. It’s a favorite of mine.
He is one of my beloved teachers.
So, tonight, I finally watched his Netflix short documentary, “Ram Dass, Going Home” about his post-stroke life and older years in Maui and it was so moving to me.
It spoke to me about living a life of dependency – a fear of mine with RA – and learning to let things go. He said, “I don’t wish you the stroke but I wish you the grace from the stroke.” Oh my heart.
Seeing him sitting in his assistive recliner, with his mala beads, in his home filled with altars he can no longer sit at. . . I understand. And to see a dear teacher handle this with such ease makes it easier for all of us to do so as well when we have to.
If you have a chance, watch his documentary. It’s really beautiful.
And it even ends, “Love everything. Let’s all walk each other home.”

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