we rescued our furbabies – and they rescued us too.

My regular readers are used to reading about Henry the Wonderpup – because he is the best lil’ weenie dog/service dog in the land šŸ˜‰ – but I want to talk about his story today (and about our other precious rescue fur babies too) because it’s a special weekend here in our city at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society – and rescuing is my heart.

Last year, I went to see my doctor for a visit on August 17th where my heart rate was extremely high and my anxiety was out of control. She strongly recommended that I consider getting an emotional support service dog to help me. When I got home that evening, it was a crazy night – kids, kids, kids – and I didn’t get a chance to discuss it with my husband until the next day.

I remember that we were driving down I-459 towards our favorite used bookstore on August 18th when I filled him in on the visit and he immediately hopped off the interstate to go down Hwy 150 to the Humane Society to visit the doggies – because he is amazing like that.

After a couple of hours there, we adopted Juliet, to join our other two big doggies, Dave (who is celebrating her 4th Birthday today!) and Dax:

Dax (also a GBHS alum) is on the left, Juli-Bug is in the center, and Dave Grohl, the Birthday Girl, who was rescued by Daddy after someone abandoned her on the side of the road in Hackleburg when she was a wee pup, is on the right.

And, of course, we adopted Henry Albus Herring, who literally jumped in my lap when he came in the room to meet us. Here is his Welcome-To-The-Family Announcement:

Henry was four when we adopted him and we are fairly certain his previous human passed away, giving him some separation anxiety understandably. He and I are a matched set and we are not apart often (and never for long). He gets upset when he is away from me (and vice versa). I guess I’m his emotional support human too. ā¤

If you notice, he was pretty thin when we adopted him. I also suspect he wouldn’t eat much at GBHS due to anxiety. Now he expects halvsies of my food and I don’t cook anything that isn’t Super H friendly these days. . . so definitely not an issue anymore. šŸ˜‰

From the start, he slept in the bed with me and let me know my place:

I also learned quickly that he likes to wear clothes – and gets very upset if he is naked. Now, he is never without his shirt:

We dress up together for Halloween – and birthdays and any other chance we get:

Two of the Sanderson Sisters – the third was off with her friends. =D
Beast and Belle for Henry’s 5th Birthday Party

And we love Christmas! Henry has his own little tree!

And, of course, he gets to go tell Santa what he wants:

And, even though he is my emotional support service dog, oh my goodness, does this little boy ever love his Daddy. . .

And he has his own little car seat because he looooves car rides . . .

And he is a fabulous sports cheerleader:

Cheering on the Braves with Daddy!
Bringing home the National Championship for the Crimson Tide!

But, most importantly, I so needed him when we adopted him and my health problems and the related issues have only gotten more serious since then.

Since he came home, I’ve had to shave my head due to medications making my hair fall out, I’ve been dealing with disability for a full year now (so I haven’t been able to work), my pain has worsened significantly, I have broken bones in both of my feet that aren’t going to heal, my right hip has gotten much worse, and I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.

These things have not been great for my anxiety to say the least.

So I am incredibly thankful that God sent my little buddy to keep me company and bring me such joy and sit up with me on rough nights and do so many fun things with me and bring so much happiness to our whole family. The Lord knew just how much we needed him.

Me and my baby boy.

I wanted to share our story again because this weekend at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society their goal is to empty the shelter. All adoptions are $21. Yesterday, 100 furbabies were adopted, which is amazing!

Today (Sunday), they are open from 12-5 and adoptions are still $21. If you have been considering adding to your family, please, please, please, adopt, don’t shop. You will be so glad you did.

As I said, Henry, Jules, and Dax are all GBHS alums. Dave was rescued when my better half spotted her after someone abandoned her in a ditch when she was a puppy.

And, last, but definitely not least, our elder statesman:

Mickodemus Crookshank Brimley Herring

If you are a feline person, well, we are too!

Mick found me on Thanksgiving Weekend 2010 at a friend’s house, when I was sitting by the fire pit. He kind of just walked up and chose me and we’ve been together ever since. I lub him so.

If you want to add a Mickodemus to your family, the GBHS has plenty to meet – and cat adoptions are also $21!

If you’ve been wanting to grow your family, I hope you’ll consider going down there today!


Ā 300 Snow Drive,Ā Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 942-1211

Be well, everybody. Happy Sunday!

Grace and Blessings!



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  1. I absolutely LOVE the pictures you shared. I do believe we all need an emotional support animal! My two cats are my emotional support. Animals know nothing but love and never hate! I am so happy that you have your beautiful dogs and cat, I am sure they LOVE you!


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