setting aside perfection for real life and fun times with my daughter.

Today’s Paleo cooking plans got all cattywampus as my schedule got kind of out of hand and off the rails. Life happens sometimes – and we just have to be prepared with a backup plan. I did some extra napping when I could as I wasn’t feeling great early on AND I was a super slow getting started since my left foot and right hip are still being super unruly. Yuck I say!

After all of that though, I had a wonderful phone call with our Mom – and we have a great visit planned this weekend that I am so excited about – and then I got myself ready to go. With my joint issues, especially my hip, running errands with me can be REALLY slow. Laura, our older daughter, has plans for a few days with my parents, so she left this afternoon with my Dad, and Sara, Henry, and I loaded up and headed to our local shopping center.

My first stop was Bath and Body Works. Before anyone messages me, I know ALL about the chemicals we put on our skin – I was an essential oils lady and still use a TON of them. I’ve switched about 90 percent of my personal care products and cleaning products to natural items, including Thieves cleaner, deodorant, and even making my own lip exfoliant . However, I cannot, for the life of me, find a body wash I like anywhere near as much as I like B&BW Body Wash. And I like to feel clean and smell good. And life is about balance. So I’m sticking with what I’ve used for 25 years on this one.

All that said, I had several coupons saved up and needed to run in and pick some up (Ladies, if you don’t know, you can use all of the coupons they send you in the mail at one time AND combine them with the sales they are having. This equals several body washes for about $10. Just a tip 🙂  ). Still, Henry can’t go in; it bothers his nose. So, he and Sara went to Target to get a tea and a Puppicino while I got my body washes.

While I was in line, I got this fabulous picture:

They are the cutest.

After I was finished, I met them at Target and Sara and I picked up the few things we needed and had the best time looking at all of the Halloween and Fall decorations that are out. 🙂

By the time we got to our car, it was dark out and about 8 PM. Needless to say, I was not going to start a cooking project when we got home. So there was only one thing to do:

We love the Lord’s chicken so much. 😀

We hit the drive-thru and came home.

Still, I adapted my meal a bit and it wasn’t terrible on the Paleo front (and it tasted quite good – hehe):

Getting the grilled nuggets and adding apples made for a semi-Paleo meal. The Chick-Fil-A Sauce? Not so much. Bahahaha!

And I tried a new Kombucha from Target that was so good too:

The Synergy Trilogy was YUM-MY. . . And clearly Henry Approved. =D

Tomorrow I plan to get back on track with my cooking with a delicious Paleo goulash recipe that I am stoked to try!

As for today, I am so thankful for a fun outing with my Sara and my Henry! They are just the best – and time with them is always such a joy.

Be well, everybody.

Grace and blessings.



  1. thank you for sharing………I love to read fun stuff that people with chronic illness do…….I know it is a struggle just to get out of the house and God bless you for making the most out of situations!

    p.s. would love to have the paleo goulash recipe!


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