chasing dreams in magazines.

I’ve been chasing dreams in magazines the last ten years,

And the way you treat each other’s up to you,

But it can’t feel all that good to be so scared,

I guess I learned that too.

– Stephen Kellogg, Milwaukee

Last night my husband and I re-watched the movie Secretariat on Netflix. We both just love it – and it’s such a great one about dreaming big and going for broke when you believe in something:

my favorite quote from the film.

As always, God’s timing is perfect and it popped up on our suggestions as I had already saved this from my pastor to share with y’all:

So much yes.

My mind keeps going back to this Insta post from Pastor Chris – and it is such an encouragement. He is a believer in dreaming big and preached a wonderful sermon series on the topic a few years ago called Dream Again. Here is the link to the first of three sermons in that series if you are interested:

After watching Tiger Woods’ amazing comeback on Sunday, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be the person who wrote that he would never be a winner again in such a nasty way. I think this just underscores the importance of discernment as to which comments matter when we are trying to go big.

Anyway, all of this has been on my mind and heart with so much upheaval recently and my having been so crazy sick while I’m working on yet another nutrition certification and learning to make totally new things in the kitchen and submitting some more pieces of my writing and working on my book. I am definitely chasing dreams in magazines.


And, somehow, when I do get down about having to give up my nursing career – and I do, I miss my patients, I miss working, I wish my health situation would turn around in a way that I know two perma-broken feet and a busted hip just aren’t going to – I look up (eventually) from my funk and realize that God saw fit to give me the opportunity to realize not one, but two, different dreams, instead. I wanted to be a nutritionist and a writer – and now I have the opportunity to run toward both.

Last night’s Bacon Garlic Spaghetti Squash Paleo Dinner. So much fun learning to cook in a totally different way.

And, as a health coach, regardless of what way of eating a person has chosen to help their body get healthy, it won’t matter at all if they don’t have a bigger picture something they are running towards as well. Weight loss and dietary changes aren’t going to be enough as end unto themselves – no matter how exciting they are initially.

So, today, I want to encourage all of my regular readers, as well as my health coaching site readers, to start dreaming big again.

If you haven’t thought about new dreams in a long time, then DEFINITELY this is for you. Watch Secretariat, start Pastor Chris’ sermon series, reread that book that lights your hair on fire and makes you want to conquer the world. And then write down some new dreams – with a pen and paper. You’ll thank your hippie friend later, I promise. 😉


Be well, everybody. Happy Thursday!

Grace and Blessings.

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