feeling grateful for some amazing medical support.

For the past several years, I’ve seen SO many specialists – and had so many trips to the emergency room – that I haven’t seen just a basic primary doctor. It really just got away from me and I began to view my Rheumatologist as my PCP because my autoimmune conditions so severely impact my life. However, with my diagnosis of diabetes, it became clear that I needed to return to an internist for help managing it.

I actually considered bringing a naturopathic physician on board to help me, as I am on so many medications already, and I felt a holistic approach might be helpful. When I looked into that option in my area, though, I learned that the initial visit would be $500 plus lab costs – they don’t take insurance – and subsequent visits were not much less. As my healthcare costs are already just exorbitant, that was not feasible. Also, with my autoimmune conditions, there is a limit to how much “medication reduction” I can actually do.

So, that was out.

I ended up returning to my internist I had not seen in several years – and I was truly amazed.

  1. He was thorough. He asked MANY questions – and listened to my answers – about my diet, daily activities, interests, and medical diagnosis and how I manage them.
  2. He was very interested in a holistic approach. He was completely supportive of my Paleo journey – and education – and strongly encouraged me to continue on my current path. He even advocated for how the Paleo diet works well along with the Metformin I have been prescribed – both for managing blood sugar and for weight loss.
  3. He was interested in my blog and writing and encouraged me to focus on them – particularly as I’ve had such a major life change with my disability.
  4. Unlike my cardiologist, who felt we could stick with my current beta blocker as long as my heart rate stayed below 170, he agreed that it must be miserable to have a heart rate in the 130’s while just sitting on the bed (it is) – and changed my medication. He also told me to come for a recheck in the three weeks to see if we need to increase it – or to email if I feel it needs to be adjusted sooner.

I so appreciated his concern.

His office also set me up in their patient care portal, and he is in the same health system as my Rheumy, so I now have access to all of my lab results and what not. That is just the BEST.

I think having him on my team will be so helpful and I am really thankful that I finally made way to his office.

With his strong encouragement, I am going to focus even more on my Paleo lifestyle and set some solid weight loss goals. I have lost almost ten pounds already and I believe I will lose weight more easily as my prednisone dosage continues to come down.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to keep a written food and blood sugar log, just to keep myself accountable – and, of course, I’ll continue sharing our Paleo adventures here, which I love to do. 🙂

After Sara and I left his office (we made an appointment for her to see him as well – yay!!!), we stopped at Publix and discovered the happiest lil’ Paleo surprise:

These giant jugs of my favorite Kombucha are on sale for $6.99 this week! Sara was ready to leave me at the store. Bahahaha!

I also was really nauseated for several hours and realized that it was because I was having an issue with one of my RA medications. I corrected the problem – but spent the evening resting, watching a movie with my better half and Henry, and sipping on my super special occasion fizzy water:

Topo Chico is from Heaven. Seriously.

I’m fully recovered now and am listening to a documentary as I write. In a bit, I’m going to do some reading and then rest.

Tomorrow, I hope to complete the studying and testing for Modules 2 & 3 of my Paleo Nutritionist program, do a little tiny bit of (long-awaited) veggie planting, and cook a (fingers crossed) fabulous Paleo meal for us.


Be well, everybody. Happy Thursday!

Grace and Blessings.

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