doctors and surgeries and vanco, oh my.

Sometimes it can feel like to be a disabled person is actually to be a professional patient – and this is definitely one of those seasons for me. Considering the complexity of my medical situation – and now what will be needed to correct the problems with my hip – it just can’t be helped.

Still, the next few weeks will be just full of appointments and hospital things.

And there is much to report from this week as well.

With COVID-19, I want to be where the people aren’t. However, when that’s not an option, my fabulous Henry Herring mask arrived. ❤

Lots of Ortho News

On Monday, I saw both of my ortho docs – my fabulous foot surgeon and my new orthopedist who will be doing the surgeries on my SI joint.

First, the good news: both of the PAs who work with my foot orthopedist, as well as Dr. I herself, said they have never seen my feet look so good. And I agree.

Thank the Lord for that blessing.

Now for the heavier news: My left SI joint is, as I’ve mentioned before, in nasty shape. It has a couple of fractures as well as being infected and badly inflamed and worn down.

Because of the infection, the only way to treat it is to first go in and clean it out and place local antibiotics in the joint. After I have healed from that surgery and the infection has cleared, we can then go back in and place hardware and stabilize and repair the joint.

My new orthopedist, Dr H, has been totally upfront that this first surgery in particular is a total beast – and that I may be on bedrest for up to three months after it is over.


The only way out of this is through, though – and it is now scheduled for next Thursday.

IV Antibiotics

In addition to the local antibiotics, I will need to continue IV antibiotics as well – so, finally, another PICC line was able to be placed yesterday in the hospital. For several reasons, this one should be better – and can stay for up to a year, so I will just keep it through all of this hip treatment hopefully.

My first couple of lines – that failed – had “p” names. So this one is Luna the Line. ❤

Unfortunately, I am continuing the Vancomycin, though I had expected to be through with it by now. I totally understand that it is necessary, so, of course, I’ll keep going. I am just on a high dose so it comes with a great deal of fatigue and plenty of GI side effects – so I am not looking forward to it.

Yuck I say.

Pain (and more pain and more pain. . .)

I feel like a broken record – but, dear Lord, if this isn’t THE most painful of all of my health issues. It is just agony to stand and walk and I find that I have to sleep in a propped up sort of position right now.

Meds barely touch it.

I’m back in my Smartchair again when I do HAVE to go out – for medical appointments – and I am so thankful for it – but I had hoped to not have to use it again. 😦

Though I know the immediate post-op period after my surgery next week will be difficult, I am hopeful that soon I will see some improvement as this infection resolves.

This is just miserable.

New Goals

When I was at Dr I, my foot doctor’s office, I mentioned that I hope to spin again – and she said she thought I could expect to be back in spin class again by the end of the year, which made me feel better – and also gives me a reasonable goal to aim for.

When I got home and situated Monday night, my pain was just terrible from all of the activity and transfers and stress of the day – and it was even worse on Tuesday.

Still, once I got as under control as it can be right now, I sat down and began thinking on what I want to accomplish while I am on bedrest post-op.

I have many books I plan to read – Sara is going to help me reorganize them onto a few shelves in the library nearest my bedroom this weekend – while I recover and I also will be writing here, as well as finishing the first draft of my book.

Yesterday, I redid my vision board to reflect all of the changes that have come my way.

Dreaming more dreams and setting new goals. ❤

As always, I’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other and pushing onward.

this. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


  1. darling mask, much prettier than my generic clinical recycle. I know what you mean . Telehealth visit, training session for equiptment , and now labs and proceedure appt. to be made. Ugh!
    Hang in there. and hugs and wishes.


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