things it turns out this writer will do to avoid working on a heavy post. . .

  1. Water every plant in the house – and I have many.
  2. Start cleaning out my email – long overdue – of which there are 1,284 in one inbox and 2,585 in the other. Literally. (and, no, that doesn’t include spam)
  3. Begin using my acupressure mat again as planned. Have one helluva time getting off the floor (damn you, hip surgery).
  4. Consider color coding my libraries, realize I’m still barely walking from previously mentioned hip surgery, postpone that genius plan. . . 🙂
  5. Organize eye shadow palettes. Realize they are ALL the exact SAME COLORS, just in different brands. . . Surmise that I am now a little old lady. . . Accept this as The Way Of Things and move on , , ,
  6. Start catching up on Annie F. Down’s read through the gospels each month Bible reading plan. This was on the schedule for the day truly and a good thing.
  7. Rub Henry’s belly for many moons. Also required each day. 😉
  8. Pin healthy recipes on Pinterest – though I can’t yet stand long enough to cook them. . . I WILL be able to soon.
  9. Stress over MD appointments this week. Infectious disease and ortho. Ahhhhhh.
  10. Take the Enneagram test. I’m a nine.
  11. Also nines? Queen Elizabeth, Abraham Lincoln, and Frodo Baggins.
  12. Decide to update picture on Fitbit app as old one doesn’t look like me anymore due to ever-changing pred face. Take approximately 452 selfies before I settle on one. (now also pictured above. observe my lovely Lupie rash that is flaring. yay.)
  13. Catch up on the news. . . Terrible mistake. . . Should have just kept working on heavy ass blog post. . .
  14. Discover book called Wicked French For The Traveler for $5. Very, very pleased with this purchase.
  15. Remember I haven’t done my French practice today and proceed on with it. Sound, as always, like Miss Scarlett speaking French. (Don’t really care. Fell in love with French in Montreal with my bestie EXACTLY one year ago and am determined to learn it if it takes me twenty years – and it may well.)
  16. Write this list. 😂
  17. Nap abruptly for many hours. (This is actually an involuntary thing due to a gnarly RA flare – but it definitely has impacted my schedule in a big way.)
  18. Finally decide I better get back to work if I plan to finish heavy post before Jesus comes back.
  19. Take picture of adorable – and very relaxed – helpers first.

Now I promise to hop to and actually finish my other post – hopefully before the Second Coming. 🙂

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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