prayin’ for the mean folks ;)

I’m working on a serious post about my current health situation this week that will be up soon.

However, I would be remiss if I didn’t first take a moment to address a VERY  memorable message I received from a medical resident who doesn’t know anything about me or my health situation.

A total stranger.

Apparently this person read my post where Sara and I had a horrible ER visit and I wrote about it – and they were offended.

Of course, my regular readers know I am generally VERY appreciative of the care I’ve been given at the same hospital – but this visit was terrible.

Well, this gentle reader read the one post and decided to send just a LOVELY message to me, telling me I should be grateful to those who try to help me and saying some kind kind things that weren’t appropriate for my situation at all.

It was a treat.

So, I’ve really thought about what to do with it.

And the answer is not much.

Such an angry person can’t really be helped.

So I just want this person to know that I’m praying for them. . . in song. . .

Be well, gentle message sender. . .

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