old churches and stained glass and missing my people.

This morning, one of my favorite Facebook pages, Unvirtuous Abbey, posted this:

And it really got me thinking – because I have such an abiding love for old churches and beautiful stained glass.

I stopped and took a look through some of my albums I haven’t seen in awhile and found some beautiful memories.

Notre Dame in Montreal. ❀
Notre Dame in Montreal.
Inside the Notre Dame de Bon Secours chapel in Montreal.
Almost to the top of the Notre Dame de Bon Secours tower in Montreal.
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Chapel in Birmingham.
First United Methodist Church in Montgomery.
First United Methodist Church in Montgomery.
The Heritage Sanctuary at First United Methodist Church in Hueytown.

We also have a few pieces in our home that I love.

This absolutely amazing piece from GJ.
a colorful find that I just really dig.

I love all of these so much. . .

But my very favorite piece?

the stained glass at my church – First Church Birmingham – my home. ❀

I am thankful that we are able to worship online safely in this time of COVID-19 – but I miss my church home and our people terribly.

I may actually dance up and down the aisles on the day we return.

I had been set to start greeting people at church when I fell quite ill and wasn’t able to even attend for some time.

After all this?

I’ll be pulling up to my little disabled parking in the front and hippity hopping in every Sunday to greet folks with Henry – he’s the main greeting draw πŸ˜‰ – if I have to use a pogo stick or get Sara to pull me in with a Little Tykes wagon. It matters not to me. . .

I won’t ever take being able to go sit in church with my people – and our beautiful stained glass and organ and pews and even the way the Sanctuary just SMELLS right ❀ – and worship and sing and take communion and greet each other and hug for granted again.

When the doors are open, I’m there for it.

Love our church. ❀

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


  1. thank you for sharing such beauty! i adore old churches also……….i can always feel God just stepping into such lovely places of worship. i saw that your church is in Birmingham……..I am assuming that is Alabama? Alabama is a state i have ALWAYS wanted to visit……..


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