before you pack your holiday bags. . .

For all my many faults and flaws, I love my people big and wide.

And, as I’ve written before, a big part of my heart is sitting with one of my dear ones in the hospital downtown right now.

She is still in step-down, fighting Covid so freaking bravely.

Every. Damn. Day.

And every day brings something different:

Drops in her O2 sats from simple movements that are terrifying.

Extreme fatigue that is just terrible for her.

Changes in her x-rays that are so scary.

The need to increase her oxygen again out of the blue.

The need to go back to a stronger kind of oxygen device unexpectedly.

The need for new medications often.

Nurses that sometimes are not very compassionate (who would be better working at damn Target I say! grrrrr).

Long long frightening days. . .

And – though I think of her constantly and message her often – I cannot go be with her due to my own compromised immune system.

I. Freaking. Hate. Everything. About. This.

So, when I read about people continuing to plan to travel and gather despite the CDC BEGGING everyone to cancel all travel and gathering plans with Covid numbers exploding right now?

Oh, how it angers me.

I have NO words for how terrible this disease is.

Every single time I realize how much my precious friend is struggling and how much difficulty she is having with her breath, my chest tightens. It physically hurts. I would give ANYTHING to help her bear this.

And people are just carrying on – like it’s nothing.


The CDC Covid Tracker reveals this:

The numbers are staggering – and continuing to climb at an alarming rate. That people refuse to listen to the CDC astounds me.

Hospitals are literally running out of space – and it will only get worse with people insisting on gathering for the holidays.

PLEASE take the advice of health professionals – and STAY HOME with your people.

Make phone calls.



It’s okay to say, “No.” It’s okay to protect yourself and your family.

It’s better than okay.

It’s the right and safe thing to do.

You do NOT want to face this.

Also, just a few quick Covid reminders:

Some common health conditions place a person at higher risk for severe Covid disease.


Please remember your disabled friends may face more severe Covid disease as well.

Take care of your health to reduce the risk of severe Covid disease as best you can.

And, of course, always practice basic prevention wherever you are.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other. Please be safe at home.

Grace and Blessings.


  1. Wishing you a safe and warm holiday. I am chronically ill with a husband that is immuno-compromised due to colon cancer five years ago. He works at the grocery store and I pray every time he walks out the door, not for him, but for everyone that he has to encounter that day, especially during this time right before Thanksgiving. I pray that they not get too close as some defiantly not wear there masks and if they do they have them below their noses. I pray for those customers to be kind for all his co-workers. Right now, there are a few people but sick where he works and it is scary. My husband has to work as I am currently waiting for a decision on my SS! case…Sorry to highjack your comments. Thank you for sharing all those valid points! Be safe and well 🙂

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