please stop and listen.

Today, I’m working on a long post with several Advent thoughts I want to share, among other things that have been going on.

However, as I was checking my social media during a lunchtime break, I saw an image a dear friend posted that just has me torn up.

As of today, December 8th, 2020, this is where we find ourselves – and I received a CNN notification just an hour or so ago that the United States has reached its 15 millionth confirmed COVID case and has had at least 284,887 deaths.

Please, please don’t just scroll past this information. Take a moment to really absorb the magnitude of what is happening.

Please also read this:

I know it’s hard – but I want everyone to REALLY know what this looks like.

And please watch this clip from Rachel Maddow today. She’s been my favorite since she used to fill in for Keith Olberman on Countdown back in 2008 and watching her talk about the devastation of walking through COVID with her partner has just gutted me.

And one of my dearest people is STILL in step down fighting this beast every damn day.

I hate it so so much.

I realize that it may get old hearing me preach the word about COVID – but the situation is getting exponentially worse and I simply MUST continue imploring people to do the right things.

Hospitals are at capacity and the holiday explosion hasn’t hit yet. We may well see a point where doctors have to choose who gets care and who doesn’t if this continues.

This situation is beyond anything I ever imagined. It’s horrifying.

If you have in person holiday gathering plans, PLEASE reconsider.

If your church is planning a regular Christmas service, please cancel. Virtual services are SO important this year.

If you intend to travel, please just stay home.

I know we all miss being together – but waiting a little longer is the best way to make sure we can ALL be together in the years to come.

Be well, everybody. PLEASE take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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