still with this flu.

Y’all, I was telling my better half earlier this evening – as I hugged him and went to lay back down at 7:45 – that I STILL feel just awful from last week’s flu. These symptoms just refuse to get packing.

Additionally, I had yet another round of nausea and GI symptoms tonight when I had really hoped those were done as well.

I was trying to do some research to see just how much longer I could expect this to go on – and how much worse it might be because of my autoimmune disease – when I came across this article of general good cheer related to the possible complications of flu in RA patients. Yay!

(I was already aware of this – I just could have done without the added ray of sunshine with my plague.)

All I know to do at this point is just to snoodle up and keep pushing fluids and sleeping and taking Vitamin C in the big doses.

We are supposed to travel this weekend to visit our family for Father’s Day and Pop’s birthday so I’ll also be going to get swabbed yet again for the C19 just in case – we can’t be too careful, especially when it comes to our family. I fully expect that to be negative; we just want to be certain.

Otherwise, I’m just riding this out – and praying it goes away soon. It certainly has shown some serious staying power.

Y’all continue to be aware that flu is making the rounds in addition to the C19 – and, yuck, I say.

As I tell Sara whenever she leaves home, if anyone coughs near you, kick them. 😉

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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