maths. *#@$!&% maths.

Joan Didion actually wrote in painful detail the near miss she and her beloved husband John Gregory Dunne had with divorce in the 70’s. He edited the piece.

(Of course, they were together for some thirty happy years after.)

Still, she said you always just write what you have, whatever that is, no matter how interesting or uninteresting, good or bad.

Well, thank God, what I have right now is nothing on that scale of bad or painful.

It’s just on the level of suck and I hate it and migraine that won’t quit

See, as we all know, I am an OLD college student. OLD.

And I love my school – Hail State! – and I am so thankful. ❤

What I don’t love, however, is the required maths.

As it happens, my math credits from back in the day were OLD like me – so here we are.

Unfortunately, seriously, since the flu, the unreal exhaustion, body pain, and ongoing migraine haven’t left. I’m sure it’s just the expected flare after a virus – but I have no idea when it’s leaving and it isn’t helping my mathing At. All.

I’ve had to laugh because – since our high school days – my bestie/sister is absolutely BRILLIANT and so good at the maths. Back then she thought calculus was FUN – no words – and now she truly enjoys teaching it. It’s how her brain works.


I read the books and write the things.

I’m going back to school to teach other people about reading the books and writing the things. . . .

This brings me joy.

My brain HATES the maths.

Unfortunately, I have to get through the maths like everybody else to teach the books and the words and the papers. . . and I’m on a deadline later this week. . . oh am I sad.

So all the good vibes and warm fuzzies this way are appreciated.

I’ll try to not bellyache for all this week’s posts. . . but no promises. 😉

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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