keeping starkville strange.

Okay, y’all, since the events we’ve been discussing have been so heavy lately – and tomorrow’s post is a serious one too as it’s new variant talk time – and I’ve been getting my tail kicked by my RA med changes this week, it’s time for lighter and happier news today.

If you aren’t a State person, well, first, I’m sorry for you 😉 – hehe – and, second, this may all be foreign – but it’s happy news for Starkville.

See, Starkville is home to the best, most fun coffee shop/gas station – with an attached creamery as well – ever called Strange Brew.

I’ve written about it here when I’ve shared our trips over to campus.

It’s our first stop when we arrive in Starkville for yummy drinks – and our last stop before we leave for more drinks and ginormous gluten free sausage balls to bring home. The staff is always just precious and the vibe is fantastic. ❤

It’s ever changing sign is a Starkville landmark, so well-loved.

Sometimes it has regular signs:

Often, it trolls our opponents. . . 🙂

And it loves to give the neighboring McD’s McCafe sign hell:


It’s the best.

Well, a city ordinance took effect that required all pole signs to be reduced to monument sized short signs with some very specific requirements – and our mayor, who we. . .umm, have mayoring about (#goodgrief). . . refused to grandfather in the Strange Brew sign even though it is an iconic part of the city, with articles written about it and photos tweeted and retweeted constantly. 

Somehow the sign was going to really be an issue for the aesthetic the city is going for. . . ;P

There was a #savethebrewsign campaign back in the spring, with all of us trying – and she just did not care.

So, in May, the sign came down.

It was just so sad to see.

Until Friday morning. . . when those of us who are out of town checked our social media and saw this:

Our newly monument sized Strange Brew sign. . . in its place, right sized to beautify the city as the mayor insisted must be done, no exceptions, just in time for the start of fall semester and football season.

I hope she’s happy. 😉

I know the rest of us truly are. 

So, yay for some happy news and Hail State, y’all. ❤

we ❤ sb.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


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