methotrexate and med prep day.

Well, y’all, it’s Wednesday, so here in the Hippie Hut that means it’s time for plant watering, med prep day (where I sort ALL the meds for the week), and my weekly methotrexate injection is due as well.

As I have just written about the issues we are beginning to see with methotrexate and those of us with autoimmune disease having access to our medication – while at the very same time my meds have just needed to be increased again because my symptoms have worsened – I thought I would share what medication and methotrexate day look like to keep me chugging along.

Each week, I always pull out all of my big storage boxes to load my weekly medication dispensers as well as the prn meds I use daily and my emergency supplies that are always with me.

After getting meds ready, I take my weekly methotrexate injection – the medication that many autoimmune patients are suddenly having difficulty obtaining because of this new SCOTUS ruling. 

I CANNOT be without it – and they can’t either. The consequences are severe.

Since methotrexate injections are subcutaneous – like insulin – I inject myself in my abdomen – but, unlike insulin, I do have to say that MTX burns like fire for a bit. 

Still, it is needed.

Right now, I am supposed to start a new RA med soon in addition to my others that I already take but I still haven’t come back to baseline from the flu – or close enough for comfort enough – to try just yet. I’m holding off another week but I’m hopeful for maybe next Wednesday. All the good vibes, prayers, and warm fuzzies are appreciated.

After the MTX injection, I follow it with an oral dose of Zofran – which I’ll be taking through today and likely tomorrow.

Always with methotrexate – but especially since my dosage has just increased trying to fight one beast of a flare – what we call methotrexate hangover, which is exactly what it sounds like – with nausea, a gnarly headache, and fatigue – will likely be with me for a few days.

Regardless of the unpleasant side effects though, methotrexate protects my joints and organs and helps to literally keep me alive. I can’t express enough my distress at what I’m hearing about these medication issues among spoonies right now.

This is a fight we shouldn’t need to have.

Our lives matter too.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.


  1. Hello,
    I just found your blog. I was diagnosed with RA a little over a year ago and your blog speaks to me so much. I love your realness and honesty. I also am taking methotrexate and was reading this post and kept nodding my head along. Yes to all of this. Thank you for writing!


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