anxiety disorder – and florence.

As I’ve written many times over the years, I have lived with anxiety disorder since I was really young. Though I’ve learned to manage the symptoms, it can still be overwhelming at times – especially as parts of it worsened after I became so ill in the past few years.

It can also be difficult to explain – and feel a bit isolating – in the sense that it is such an odd and intensely personal and – at times – lonely experience.

Well, enter the absolutely magical Florence Welch.

(My car is called Florence because she is also red and fabulous. 😉  )

Florence writes so beautifully and I love her honesty about her own struggles with mental health issues, sobriety, eating disorders, anxiety. . .

By accident, I stumbled across Florence’s video for “Free,” one of her newer songs about her anxiety disorder.

Seeing the video, with her and the wonderful Bill Nighy – of Love Actually and Pirate Radio to name a few – I was SO taken by it.

In it, he is the personification of her anxiety disorder and the hold it has over her – and just. . . wow.

I loved it so much that I had to share it here.

If you don’t have anxiety disorder, I hope this helps give you a bit more understanding of your anxious loved ones.

If you do – I’m sorry – and I hope you feel a bit more seen and understood. ❤


Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

As always, if you are struggling, there are many resources on the resources tab of the blog – or, if you are in crisis, please ALWAYS call 911.

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