happy 2nd birthday, goblin!

Well, y’all, I find myself in the midst of the second half of math crunch time – and racing toward the hard deadline – so I am going to be on my head for the next several days. . . =0

However, I wanted to share our adorable grandpup Goblin’s 2nd Birthday, as he is the cutest wildest funniest little husky mix in the land, and we just love him to bits.

Since his favorite thing when his mom is at work is to watch his bear shows on YouTube – live bear streams – we decided he needed a very Pinterest-y Forest/Bear themed birthday – and we had a great time rounding up supplies.

We even made a stop at Buc-ee’s because they have a HUGE selection of gourmet puppy cookies. ❤
After our supply shopping, we discovered that Sonic has Shark Week slushes. . . Need I say more? 🙂

As for his actual party, it turned out just adorable and we had so much fun.

Bug with the party table – and – I know she is grown – but I must say she is still the absolute cutest. ❤
my bear themed cooking – well, my always apron, but it worked. 😉
The birthday boy getting his frisbee. ❤
So stinkin’ precious says his Bubbles. ❤
The bears are Sara’s bear, my Stuart bear, and my husband’s Teddy he has had since he was a baby. ❤

And more party decorations:

Oh how I love celebrating with my people. ❤

I am so blessed and lucky.

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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