a happy surprise to start my fall semester. hail state.

After wrapping up my dread first round of math-ing, I’ve had a couple of weeks off between terms before Fall semester starts next week.

I’ve been working on several projects here at home I hope to have finished – I’ll share when we are done 🙂 – before classes, especially some things we’ve been doing in our kitchen and my office.

Also, last week, my daughter, Sara, Henry, and I got to attend our first gathering of the local Mississippi State Alumni group, which was really nifty. ❤

It has been nice to have a little mini-break. ❤

Well, yesterday, I got an email from my advisor letting me know that I was also given a small scholarship from the first honor society I was inducted into last year, Omega Nu Lambda.

I’ve found that many things just mean more to me now getting to be a Bulldog as an adult student – and that is certainly true of this. I am so grateful for every opportunity and blessing that has come my way.

This was particularly unexpected – so I am extra happy to have been selected. ❤

Now I’m looking forward to our first Saints pre-Season game of the year tonight with my better half AND putting out my pumpkins tomorrow – I can wait no longer 😉 – after I finish some more home projects.

And then it’s back to school next week with Fall semester and all the Fall holidays and football season too.

I. Cannot. Wait.

Hail State, y’all. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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