with a pen in my right hand and a cowbell in my left. . . :)

As y’all have probably all noticed on your social media feeds, the first day of school has rolled around for pretty much every age group now, from the itty bitties starting kindergarten – we have several in my family and they are SO stinking cute ❤ – to the much older, including the lil’ Bulldog writing you now.

The above “back to school” picture had to be taken because when I opened my Facebook memories today I saw this memory from a year ago today, of my starting Grade 73:

That prompted me to also go find my original “first day of school” picture from orientation back in the Fall of 2020:

I am both excited for a new semester – and amazed that I already have a professor who seems to be, umm, overzealous?, with an assignment due tonight – because he says his assignments are usually due on Tuesday each week but since school hadn’t started this past Tuesday, he’s having to settle for Thursday. That’s right. Rather than just make it due next Tuesday, it’s due today – AND he has sent three class messages and uploaded four other assignments also today.

Of course, I need this course and I’m already in – but I’m bracing myself as I predict Professor No Chill may be a treat. 


I’m pretty sure I’ve got this one sorted already. . .

Still, I have a couple of super interesting classes this term AND it’s football season – gahhhh! – and, of course, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas – so the very very BEST time of year.

And, of course, every term gets me closer and closer to my goal. . .

For now, I’m off to get some rest so I can hop up and turn in these confounded assignments – &#$@!@!$#!! – and then Sara and I have some nifty things today.. ❤

Happy Back to School, everybody.

Hail State! ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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