happy fall y’all.

Last week was chaos on the school front as we, the online students, are having some difficulties with a new system devised by the school and the on campus bookstore – that I did not use before (I preferred a local independent bookstore in Starkville where I NEVER dealt with this crap) – in which we were all stuck using this bookstore for our books (aka the “Bulldog Bundle”) as part of our tuition and fees and now we find ourselves still missing some of our texts over a week into the semester.

Luckily, all professors are aware of this as it is school-wide and most have been amazing, trying to help in any way they can.

Unfortunately, the one professor that I already clocked as “going to be a joy this term” with MANY assignments weekly and some just plain snarky messages among other things –  is NOT helpful or understanding – so it has caused some unnecessary distress for me and my classmates.

Serenity now!

Still, as always, I will manage and I hope to be more present here this week – no matter the bookstore issues or Professor McCrab, an issue unto himself.

Some other things have been stressful as well, so – as we round the corner into September (yay!) and with the first weekend of college football upon us (glory be ❤ ) – it was time to de-stress for a bit and decorate the Hippie Hut for Fall and get cozy.

So my pumpkins have come out to play. . .

There is lots more decorating to be done and there are mums to be planted and so many other Fall things to come – but the start makes my heart smile. ❤

This week is so so busy with classwork and then I am stoked for Gameday. I am planning a yummy menu and getting the cowbells warmed up.

It’s that time. 🙂

Hail State and Happy Fall, y’all. ❤

Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other.

Grace and Blessings.

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