thanksgiving thursdays – a day in my life.

As I was thinking about this week’s thanksgiving Thursday, what has really been on my mind is how much my health has fluctuated over the past few years and how thankful I am for what I can do now.

Though I certainly wish I could still do the things I once I could – running, nursing, other super physical activities – it is also true that it hasn’t been too long ago that I was unable to walk much at all or was hospitalized with systemic infection.

That said, for today’s Thanksgiving Thursday, I decided to do a day in my life in pictures of my day of erranding, getting groceries and getting ready for a busy weekend (because it is such a blessing to be well enough to be an at-home mom and student and writer again and I am so grateful all the time. ❤ )

Tomorrow (Friday) and Sunday are both dedicated to massive amounts of schoolwork and Sara’s work schedule is full through the weekend and Saturday is my 25th high school reunion picnic that I am so excited for as well as football Saturday with my better half so today everything that needed to be done for the week in terms of running errands had to be accomplished.

I decided to do a photo diary early Thursday morning when Mick and I were headed to bed for a little rest so our day actually started like this:

I am Mickodemus’s human body pillow. 🙂

After some rest, I was up – with one eye open, getting started. . .

who needs sleep? 😉

I was able to get in a little schoolwork early:

this week I have a ton of work to do.

I also wrote yesterday’s blog post:


At that point, it was time to get it together for the day.

ready for erranding.

Sara had to work so we were off to take her first.

she is just the cutest and the best. ❤

Since we needed groceries for the next several days and household items too, our Walmart and Aldi list was pretty lengthy.

all. the. things.

My first stop was actually Verizon – which took waaay longer than it should have for a super simple thing:

good grief.


From there it was on to Walmart – where I’ve been joking with Sara that my Mom dreams involve buying the BIG bag of dishwasher pods. . . 🙂

post pandemic: all the moms must have an abundance of tp, paper towels, hand soap, and dishwasher pods. . . 😉

Then it was on to Aldi where I discovered a coffee plant that I am so so stoked about:

plant lady life. ❤

After groceries, I had two stops, the vet and our pharmacy, for Henry’s meds:

we love our baby boy. ❤

After that, it was home to unload groceries and see my better half and this adorable little dude:

my heart. ❤

I made a cheesy chicken and rice casserole for dinner:

a new pinterest recipe.

The new recipe was really yummy too:

so so good.

After a late dinner (and a quick nap – I was sore and wiped from a busy day), it was time to hit the road to get our Sara Bug from work:

leggo. 🙂

Finally, we are all in and snoodled up for the night:

done for the day.

I am definitely wiped – and I’ll be resting my body after being so busy (and my feet are puffer fish too) – but I am beyond grateful that I can do more than I once could. It is such a blessing.

Tomorrow will be all studying – essays due and the dread math awaits as well – but that is a gift to be thankful for as well.


Be well, everybody. Take care of yourselves and each other. 

Grace and Blessings.


As always, each Thanksgiving Thursday’s song, The Blessing:

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